Definition of useful load in English:

useful load


  • The load carried by an aircraft in addition to its own weight.

    ‘this is a four-seat design, with a useful load of 1,125 lbs’
    • ‘The original Skywagons first flew with a 260-hp engine in July 1961 and boasted a 1,600-pound useful load.’
    • ‘Weighing about 7000-lbs, with a useful load of 2800-lbs, Lindbergh's Sirius had a top speed of 185-mph and cruised at 150-mph.’
    • ‘Compared with the original design, the cabin length has been increased by six inches, useful load increased by more than 18 percent and empty weight by 13 percent.’
    • ‘As a result, the 6X offers a useful load of about 1,400 pounds.’
    • ‘The result is an empty weight of only 1,334 pounds, leaving a useful load of 466 pounds.’
    • ‘That leaves a 797-pound useful load or 509 pounds of payload after filling the tanks.’
    • ‘And like the more powerful Cessna, the Archer climbs better and cruises faster, but only delivers about 50 pounds more useful load.’
    • ‘A useful load of 1,172 pounds, an economical fuel flow and relatively fast cruise speeds didn't overcome the higher horsepower and gross weights offered by Beech's new light twin, the Baron.’
    • ‘Previous research identified conventional cost drivers for aircraft CERs, to include empty weight, speed, useful load, wing area, power, landing speed, and production quantity.’
    • ‘Huge useful load and easy flying keep its price at the top of the bracket.’