Definition of used up in English:

used up


  • 1Worn out, incapacitated, rendered useless, as with continuous hard work, age, or excess; no longer competent or effective.

  • 2Emotionally or mentally exhausted.

  • 3Of appearance, comportment, etc.: which has a worn-out or wearied quality. In quot. 1853 as noun: the language of the worn-out or weary.

  • 4Thoroughly exhausted by physical exertion or hardship; tired out, fatigued.

  • 5Of a thing: that has been utilized to maximum capacity or usefulness; reduced or consumed through use.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in ‘Jon Bee’ (fl. 1816–1830) (real name John Badcock). From used + up, after to use up.


used up

/ˌjuːzd ˈʌp/