Definition of use and wont in English:

use and wont


  • Established custom.

    ‘the painter followed the religious use and wont of his time’
    • ‘The law of use and wont is soon established.’
    • ‘In accordance with use and wont the meeting resolved itself into a small party for the further exploration of the area.’
    • ‘He was in favour of local plate-glass insurance and a ‘black-list,’ and, in regard to holidays, said that use and wont was a great thing with the public.’
    • ‘Golf was sufficiently well established that on 21 October 1633 the Town Council reserved the Inches for archery, golf and other pastimes according to use and wont.’
    • ‘He was to begin in favour of continuing use and wont, yet when the Directory was adopted he honourably accepted its guidance and ruling.’