Definition of use-by date in English:

use-by date


  • A date marked on a perishable product, especially a foodstuff, indicating the recommended date by which it should be used or consumed.

    ‘check the use-by date on the packet’
    • ‘A former shopkeeper has been fined for having perishable food on sale past its use-by date.’
    • ‘Check use-by dates on packaging and pay particular attention to perishable foods, such as vacuum packed smoked salmon or ham and dairy products.’
    • ‘These dates - particularly the use-by dates - are important.’
    • ‘The court was told that some of the food was up to 46 days past its use-by date.’
    • ‘When shopping for bagged salads, remember to carefully check the use-by date and look for signs of spoilage.’
    • ‘Pine nuts can rapidly become rancid due to their high oil content, so buy only small amounts and always check the use-by date.’
    • ‘Use-by dates are used for foodstuffs that have a short shelf life and which, from a microbiological point of view, are likely to be harmful to health if consumed after the use-by date.’
    • ‘The Fareshare scheme in Southampton receives 26,000 trays of food past the sell-by date but within the use-by date donated by supermarkets each year.’
    • ‘The food industry is always looking for new ways to push back their products' use-by dates.’
    • ‘Sainsbury's said: ‘All use-by dates applied to our own brand products are set by Sainsbury's food safety experts to ensure the product is both safe and of the best quality.’’