Definition of USB flash drive in English:

USB flash drive

(also USB stick)


  • A small external flash drive that can be used with any computer that has a USB port.

    • ‘The organization said it believes that over five million USB flash drives will be sold in 2003 in the United States alone, representing approximately 20 percent of the worldwide market.’
    • ‘It can prevent someone copying files into an email, or to a USB flash drive.’
    • ‘It may not be as small as some USB flash drives, but it's very capacious and represents great value for money.’
    • ‘We're not sure if USB flash drives are really too small, making them easier to steal, lose or misplace.’
    • ‘The USB flash drive has become a hot product in the past few years, thanks to dropping prices and sheer convenience.’
    • ‘There was plenty of USB flash drives that have become tiny in size, huge in storage capacity, shock and water resistant.’
    • ‘Installation and operation is extremely simple, and other than perhaps having to install a software driver, the use of a USB flash drive is a matter of having an available USB port on your computer.’
    • ‘Nowadays that amount of digitized information can fit on a USB flash drive, the sort of thing people carry on key chains.’
    • ‘CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives are perfect for performing a quick, reliable backup of user data.’
    • ‘You will have to supply your own USB flash drive.’