Definition of zygomatic in US English:



  • See zygoma

    • ‘He showed that the zygomatic major muscle, which runs from the cheek bone down to the lip corners, pulls those lip corners upwards into a smiling shape.’
    • ‘The foramina of the zygomatic bone that transmit branches of the zygomatic nerve are often subject to variation in number and position.’
    • ‘However, the clear separation of the nerve into five main terminal branches (temporal, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular, and cervical) may be difficult or impossible.’
    • ‘The more posterior parts of the zygomatic arch are not preserved, and the presence of zygomatic ridges cannot be determined from the evidence at hand.’
    • ‘The skull has an broad, tilted zygomatic plate that serves as the attachment point for the lateral branch of the masseter muscle.’