Definition of zoysia in US English:



  • A low-growing grass of the genus Zoysia, native to tropical Asia and New Zealand and widely used for lawns.

    Family Gramineae: several species and cultivars, including Z. matrella and Z. japonica

    • ‘The oldest improved zoysia, ‘Emerald’, is still available and still good.’
    • ‘Short-growing, dense grasses such as bentgrass, hybrid Bermuda, St. Augustine and zoysia look best if cut with a power reel mower.’
    • ‘Space plugs of slower-growing species, such as zoysia, closer together.’
    • ‘In California and the Southwest, chinch bugs can suck the life out of zoysia and St. Augustine in summer.’
    • ‘Previously, zoysia has been only widely available as sod, sprigs or strips.’


1960s: modern Latin, from the name of the Austrian botanist Carl von Zoys zu Laubach + -ia.