Definition of zouk in US English:



  • An exuberant style of popular music combining Caribbean and Western elements and having a fast heavy beat.

    • ‘Its African hosts offer tips on gigs, clips of their favourite CDs, news from the studio and gossip from the dance floor, covering styles from Afrobeat to zouk and from laid-back mbira to full-on hip-hop.’
    • ‘Many have concluded that the work that community radio stations like CHRY, CKLN and CRIT do in showcasing soca, calypso and reggae, zouk and other musical expressions are contributing factors to this new awareness in the Canadian media.’
    • ‘In other recorded examples the music most closely approaches early predecessors of reggae and zouk.’
    • ‘Growing up, he listened to the up-tempo sounds of calypso, soca, and zouk, before moving to St Maarten and discovering reggae.’
    • ‘For openers, there was the French ensemble Les Alizes, playing zouk on steel.’
    • ‘Hints of zouk, samba and electroclash rear their groovy heads through a parade of infectious Afro-housers.’
    • ‘Funk, soul, hip hop, brokenbeat, jazz, dancehall, roots, old-school, deep house, zouk and konpa can be found here every week, so check it out.’
    • ‘Combette's music is hard to describe concisely, but there's Haitian compas, zouk, folk, jazz, bossa nova, soca and reggae in the mix.’
    • ‘Over three days and nights, popular Creole musical forms such as cadence-lypso, compass, zouk, soukous, and bouyon ring out alongside Creole-influenced reggae and soca.’
    • ‘At 7: 50 p.m., Koffi Koffiento shakes you awake with a fine blend of rumba, zouk and salsa, Congolese style..’
    • ‘Workey Workey, Burning Flames: The Flames, Arrow's former backup band, blended soca with a touch of zouk to create Antigua's 1989 Road March.’
    • ‘To keep the cultural spirits flying high, music adds to the Creole flavour - folk music, cadence, zouk and Kassav.’
    • ‘Haitian sensation Black Parents will also be performing, bringing some zouk and kompas with the holiday vibes.’
    • ‘Actually, Ménard throws the lineup by being Antillean, so expect a blend of zouk, soca, compas and merengue from him and Jab Jab, backing him up for the night.’
    • ‘A delightful fusion of zouk, reggae, Afro-Beat and salsa, the multi-cultural personnel of the Bristol-based six-piece band, provide the ingredients to a very agreeable recipe.’
    • ‘Two other musical styles - zouk and cadance - are heard on French-influenced islands like St. Lucia.’
    • ‘Compas, reggae, zouk and American pop all colour their clever, energetic tunes at one point or another - no surprise that they'll be backing up a wide variety of talent at the Gala du Monde this Friday.’
    • ‘The Caribbean has given the world a remarkable potpourri of popular music - everything from calypso to salsa, from ska to zouk, from meringue to soca.’
    • ‘Hundreds of visitors and locals sip on Carib and Piton, munch on all the various fish and chicken sold, and between mixes enjoy salsa, reggae, calypso, cadence, zouk, and hip-hop.’
    • ‘They've been gigging downtown with their mix of funk, zouk and reggae for a while, so don't miss them on the big stage.’


1970s: Guadeloupian Creole, literally ‘to party’.