Definition of zorse in US English:


(also zebra mule)


  • The offspring of a zebra and a horse (strictly, a male zebra and a female horse), typically sterile. Zorses resemble horses or mules with dark zebra stripes.

    • ‘Additionally, this hybrid is unusual because most zorses are the product of a female horse and a male zebra.’
    • ‘Unlike a horse, a zorse must begin training within a few days of being born in order to be a docile animal.’
    • ‘It is well documented that zorses tend to inherit the ‘unpredictability’ of their zebra half.’
    • ‘When she arrived home to Germany, Eclyse's mother surprised her keepers by giving birth to a baby zorse.’
    • ‘Zorses are also almost immune to hot weather, and zorses do not seem to tire.’