Definition of zoosporangium in US English:


nounPlural zoosporangia

  • A sporangium or spore case in which zoospores develop.

    • ‘The zoospore encysted and within 24 hrs branched rhizoids formed and the cyst began to enlarge to form a zoosporangium.’
    • ‘In the first process, zoospores escape from the zoosporangium which is located in the parent algae and they develop into filaments.’
    • ‘This zoosporangium is nearly empty but still contains a few motile zoospores.’
    • ‘B. dendrobatidis has two life stages: a spherical reproductive sessile zoosporangium and a motile zoospore.’
    • ‘After a few days, the plasmodium cleaves into multinucleate portions, each of which develops into a zoosporangium.’