Definition of zoom lens in US English:

zoom lens


  • A lens allowing a camera to change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa by varying the focal length.

    • ‘Using a zoom lens can get around this by zooming in on a subject's face, locking the exposure and focus, then zooming wider to take your picture.’
    • ‘With me was a pair of 16 X 50 binoculars, my 35 mm camera and a video camera with a zoom lens.’
    • ‘My other choice is getting a newer Nikon with just the zoom lens but it does have auto-focus.’
    • ‘A zoom lens in the 28 mm to 85 mm range will embrace wide views and still let you close in on interesting faces or architectural details.’
    • ‘If you have a choice of lenses or have a zoom lens, start looking at a focal length longer than the ‘standard’ 50 mm.’
    • ‘Yesterday, he supplied that camera with a zoom lens that I was wishing for.’
    • ‘Zooming and focusing takes places inside the camera with no protruding zoom lens.’
    • ‘People - especially children - are the heart of any special event, so use a zoom lens to isolate candid expressions and reactions in the participants and the crowds.’
    • ‘This viewer is somewhat similar to a zoom lens without a camera attached to it.’
    • ‘Harry does not have a zoom lens anywhere is his camera bag.’
    • ‘It must be the paparazzo in me, but I've always been a sucker for a camera with a zoom lens.’
    • ‘It's too cold to sit sketching, though, so I use the zoom lens on the Fuji camera to isolate the scenes that catch my eye.’
    • ‘I'll assume that you got a wide angle zoom lens with the camera (probably something like 28 mm - 80 mm).’
    • ‘If your zoom lens is F2.8, you could try shooting at this aperture setting and using a slower speed film.’
    • ‘Every digital camera has a basic lens, sometimes a zoom lens, built-in flash, automatic focus, automatic exposure meter, and LCD viewfinder.’
    • ‘Mr Usher is determined to catch the culprits redhanded and plans to hide in waiting and catch them on film using a camera with a zoom lens.’
    • ‘Because of size limitations, no company has been able to place an optical zoom lens into a handphone camera.’
    • ‘So, I headed back to the house for my tripod, camera and zoom lens.’
    • ‘For example, although having an optical zoom lens on the camera may seem important, for mineral photography all images will be composed by moving the camera closer to and farther away from the subject.’
    • ‘To tune the focal length continuously, optical designers have developed the zoom lens, which consists of a group of lenses.’


zoom lens

/ˈˌzum ˈlɛnz/