Definition of zoogenic in US English:



  • 1Produced by or originating in animals.

    • ‘The inventive foodstuff is prepared from vegetable products or from a mixture thereof with zoogenic products.’
    • ‘The mounds are of zoogenic origin, originally created by termites and often colonized by a wide variety of burrowing animals.’
    • ‘The partial regulation of the river by zoogenic dams did not cause a significant decline in species diversity.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a series of circulations and standards to fight against zoogenic diseases for this year.’
    • ‘The laboratory, which is designed to cover the entire South Caucasus region, will be the first line of defense in stopping zoogenic diseases, such as anthrax, foot and mouth disease, and brucellosis, which can easily spread from animals to humans.’
    • ‘Of the 13 most recent emerging disease outbreaks, 12 have been zoogenic, or originating in animals, Gerberding said.’
  • 2Related or relating to animal development or evolution.

    • ‘She defends the existence of zoogenic and biogenic values in the non-human world and discusses the possibility of ecogenic value, nature as a whole having value independent of human or animal minds.’