Definition of zippy in US English:


adjectivezippier, zippiest

  • 1Bright, fresh, or lively.

    ‘a zippy, zingy, almost citrusy tang’
    • ‘Being reminded that you are no longer a zippy 19-year-old, but 36 with a garden shed and a petrol lawnmower, comes as a horrible shock.’
    • ‘Despite a period in hospital for surgery on an enlarged prostate last January, he looks zippy, chipper and strangely ageless.’
    • ‘He's obviously a bit unsure about his closing sentence but as a zippy opening paragraph, that first bit is quite fun.’
    • ‘This musical is great for schools to perform because of its zippy songs, larger-than-life characters and even larger talking plant.’
    • ‘The aromas and flavours of fresh ripe pineapple are topped with a hint of honey backed by zippy acidity.’
    • ‘Progressing by decade, Sutherland offers an informed and zippy commentary on an inexplicable phenomenon.’
    • ‘Light and fruity aromas of soft gooseberry with a whiff of crème fraiche deliver zippy flavours of light gooseberry and lemon before a crisp and dry, slightly minerally finish.’
    • ‘There is little wrong with Roxana Silbert's zippy production that cannot be attributed to the uneven script.’
    • ‘The Lord of the Rings films turns this on its head; they are tightly scripted, zippy reinterpretations of a bloated, forensic epic.’
    • ‘It was a lively, zingy show with zippy dancing, and I like dancing a helluva lot more than syrupy lyrics.’
    • ‘The first part of the playlist contained happy, poppy, zippy songs that gradually got a little more driving, but not too much.’
    • ‘The latter is the single, Sexiest Man in Jamaica, a zippy bit of fun in which Prince Buster rustily declaims his sexiness over an orchestral victory march.’
    • ‘The result is new-minted, bright, and zippy, ready for a TV special, which may well be coming.’
    • ‘Which is a shame, because the film starts off as a fascinating account of the rise of the corporation and makes some valid points in a zippy way.’
    • ‘This zippy production, starring Emma Fielding and Miriam Margolyes, unpicks all the tangled threads pretty well.’
    • ‘Add zippy devilled eggs and perhaps few relishes and chutneys to round out the meal.’
    • ‘From high - school reimaginings of Shakespeare to romantic gross-out comedies and back, they vary wildly in quality from zippy, witty fun to indigestible slush.’
    • ‘It runs a bit long but great lines, solid, zippy performances, laughs, intelligent ideas and some out-and-out chaos make this a model Fringe experience.’
    • ‘All pizzas have the same zippy tomato sauce and generous dimensions.’
    • ‘I'm feeling great - energetic, zippy, happy, sparkly and glowing!’
    • ‘The tartar sauce had a zippy, homemade taste to it, and both our plates were rounded out well with green salads and ample servings of perfectly nice fries.’
    happy, genial, cheerful, cheery, jolly, joyful, glad, merry, sunny, light-hearted, blithe, beaming
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    1. 1.1 Fast or speedy.
      ‘zippy new sedans’
      • ‘It completely gummed up my otherwise zippy system.’
      • ‘Felt good to be there, though, and I ran a fairly zippy 3.25 km, so went home feeling springy to think of some more show ideas.’
      • ‘Carpenter is a huge part of the Blues attacking play, his zippy running and accurate shooting yielding important scores while also deeply involved in most of O'Hanrahan's best moves.’
      • ‘If you have to choose between a slow network that's rock-steady and a zippy one that keeps blinking in and out, Reliable wins every time.’
      • ‘Those of you who remember the old zippy racing favourite Micro Machines will have some idea of what you're in for here.’
      • ‘It does mean I now have a nice zippy machine.’
      • ‘Forget your zippy roadsters, your perky hybrids, your family sedans, your humble pickup trucks - to qualify for this tax break, your road machine has to be bigger than big.’
      • ‘Today, though, with a loud music and headphones just a little too snug for comfort, I ran a fairly zippy 3.5km and cycled another 7.’
      • ‘I must say, Mazda MX5s are zippy little numbers!’
      • ‘Computers don't have minds of their own, but they do look pretty zippy.’
      • ‘Unlike the men's Formula One set-up all the women drive the same car last year it was the Mazda RX - 8, next year it will be the zippy Caterham 7.’
      • ‘What they have in common is an urge to combine zippy new technologies with real-life social interaction.’
      • ‘In my zippy Nissan Sentry, I suddenly found myself hyperventilating somewhere around Ewarton.’
      • ‘A zippy lunch stop, a swop of cars into the manual version and we're heading right back where we came, this time with Dan driving on the twisty bits.’
      • ‘As noted, the Charles de Gaulle airport has a zippy public commuter rail connection into downtown Paris.’
      • ‘As part of the promotion a Morris Oil team travelled around the region demonstrating the zippy Citroen Xsara and inviting people to sign up for the giveaway.’
      • ‘The patrons came on zippy two wheelers, wearing dungarees, talking a combination of Kannada, Hinglish, and English.’
      • ‘Powered by a Mobile Pentium running at 300 MHz, the machine was quite zippy.’
      • ‘In building a car, do you use lightweight materials so that it is zippy, but a deathtrap in an accident?’
      • ‘Anyone can be a musician… although you do need a fairly zippy internet connection.’
      fast, fast-moving, high-speed
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