Definition of zillionaire in English:



  • An extremely rich person.

    • ‘I'm not about to become a zillionaire as a result, but I am making more money.’
    • ‘You never know, this time next year we could be zillionaires.’
    • ‘So this is the zillionaire luxury yacht lifestyle.’
    • ‘Then they think you're a zillionaire or something.’
    • ‘If this guy lived in Silicon Valley, he might be a zillionaire today.’
    • ‘IfI were a zillionaire, I'd live in a castle and operate out of the cozy centers of the spaces.’
    • ‘The Indian middle classes are fast being Americanised, with the mid-Atlantic masala twang and the mobile telephone washing through the ranks of the rupee zillionaires on a tidal wave.’
    • ‘They blabbed about their time in the desert, became zillionaires and ruined it for everyone who fancied earning a bit more than the king's shilling.’
    • ‘The implication throughout the chapter is that these superachievers and zillionaires owe him favors and see him as a brother.’
    • ‘Eriksson quits as a result and is later seen in Chelsea village dining with a Russian zillionaire.’
    • ‘Gibson's a zillionaire, and Smith's a multi-gazillionaire.’
    • ‘I'm guessing you're something of a zillionaire?’
    • ‘If I extrapolate this far enough, I'll be a zillionaire!’
    • ‘Wayans Manor was the kind of house the Munsters would have lived in if they'd been zillionaires.’
    • ‘From the right's point of view, you couldn't invent a better caricature of a New Age Hollywood zillionaire to be the public face of the anti-war movement.’
    • ‘I hate companies that say ‘we're only going to pay you half what you're worth, but the stock options will make you a zillionaire when we go public!’’
    • ‘Now, here we've got a zillionaire with all the money in the world to buy whatever identity he wants to buy from anywhere at any price.’
    magnate, mogul, big businessman, baron, merchant prince, captain of industry, industrialist, financier, top executive, chief, lord, magnifico, nabob, grandee
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