Definition of zebra mussel in US English:

zebra mussel


  • A small freshwater bivalve mollusk with zigzag markings on the shell, sometimes becoming a pest because it blocks water pipes.

    Dreissena polymorpha, family Dreissenidae

    • ‘This isn't always the case; the sea lamprey was accidentally introduced to the upper Great Lakes through the construction of the Welland Canal, and zebra mussels have spread throughout the Great Lakes and beyond.’
    • ‘Environmental authorities estimate that tens of millions of dollars have been spent every year since the mid-1980S to combat the zebra mussel.’
    • ‘One theory is that zebra mussels and another invasive species, round gobies, may spread contaminants up the food chain.’
    • ‘The Asian clam and the zebra mussel are probably the two most common exotic species, which have been introduced to North American freshwaters.’
    • ‘Probably best known among the globe-trotting invaders is the zebra mussel.’
    • ‘We now have zebra mussels, mitten crabs and now this weed.’
    • ‘The zebra mussel, for instance, has spread via ships and boats across Western Europe and North America.’
    • ‘This legislation specifically addressed the zebra mussel problem.’
    • ‘The strong-jawed fish will also gorge themselves on zebra mussels, an invasive species that is currently considered one of the greatest threats to the Higgins eye.’
    • ‘The fingernail-sized zebra mussel, native to the Caspian Sea region, was the wake-up call.’
    • ‘Almost 20 years have passed since zebra mussels were first spotted in U.S. waters, yet each year the invasive mollusk continues to spread, despite efforts to control it.’
    • ‘According to the report, trout populations could plummet, while the range of destructive alien species, such as carp and zebra mussels, would likely expand.’
    • ‘Threats to these species are numerous, including the potential invasion of their habitat by the exotic zebra mussel.’
    • ‘In 1988 the zebra mussel, once confined to the lakes and rivers of Europe, hitched a ride to Lake Erie, presumably in the ballast tanks of a visiting freighter.’
    • ‘The zebra mussel is an invasive alien species which has taken root in the Shannon and Erne catchments, and could be introduced accidentally to the western lakes by careless boat transfers.’
    • ‘Think of zebra mussels in the Great Lakes and Asian long-horned beetles in New York City.’
    • ‘The huge boulders, weed and the zebra mussels with their razor-sharp shells made things tough going at times.’