Definition of zaftig in US English:


(also zoftig)


North American
  • (of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump.

    ‘a zaftig brunette’
    • ‘My American friend drove off with the zaftig owner of the restaurant.’
    • ‘Because muscle is denser than fat, a lean, muscular athlete may weigh more than a zaftig woman of the same height who doesn't work out.’
    • ‘Her subjects are usually depicted with faraway Botticelli eyes and zaftig physiques, placed amid quasi-Platonic iconographic schemes and classical-looking drapery.’
    • ‘There are an unending parade of zaftig, high-chested, round-bottomed babes and bimbos parading in short-shorts and tight tee-shirts all around the track and pit areas.’
    • ‘She was zaftig, or, as my younger son would call it, stout.’
    • ‘Long has Sebastian peeked through the window to watch his zaftig neighbor across the way undress.’
    • ‘He has this zaftig lady friend who is always bugging him to quit and live happily ever after.’
    big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, heavyset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, herculean
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1930s: Yiddish, from German saftig ‘juicy’.