Definition of Z-plasty in English:



  • A technique in orthopedic and cosmetic surgery in which one or more Z-shaped incisions are made, the diagonals forming one straight line, and the two triangular sections so formed are drawn across the diagonal before being stitched.

    • ‘Dr. Koranda successfully performed reconstructive surgery with multiple Z-plasties to stretch out and relax the scars.’
    • ‘In refractory cases, pisiform excision with or without Z-plasty lengthening of the FCU is usually curative with return to racquet sports in 6 to 8 weeks.’
    • ‘This patient underwent successful repair of the band with Z-plasties following delivery.’
    • ‘Z-plasty is performed by rotating two transposition flaps with an angle of 60° with the middle limb of the Z on the scar.’
    • ‘Not all scars lend themselves to Z-plasty, however, and it requires an experienced plastic surgeon to make such judgments.’