Definition of yummy in US English:



  • 1(of food) delicious.

    ‘yummy pumpkin cakes’
    • ‘We had BBQ and left overs and I managed to make a yummy potato salad.’
    • ‘I can make soup, and enjoy lots of yummy dishes that just seem out of place in summer.’
    • ‘What I did was make some healthy yummy food for her when she was at my house, then give her the recipes.’
    • ‘Lou emerged in the kitchen with a bundle of brown grocery bags filled with yummy food.’
    • ‘I made myself another yummy sandwich on polar bread for lunch today.’
    • ‘We had a ton of yummy food from the great guys at Feeding Frenzy, which is always a good thing.’
    • ‘I turned to move out of the lunch with my yummy food towards the table Hyori was sitting at.’
    • ‘Head for cinemas, enjoy videogames and savour those yummy fast foods.’
    • ‘Amanda and Helaina stood in front of the boys, blocking access to the yummy food.’
    • ‘During the 8 days there, the weather was lovely, food was yummy, things were incredibly cheap.’
    • ‘It had a yummy sauce, flavoured with a lot of fresh ginger and star anise.’
    • ‘We had yummy mushroom risotto and long cool glasses of Pimms.’
    • ‘I love having dinner here as the food is always yummy and I don't have to do any dishes.’
    • ‘The food was yummy and we both liked the décor, which made E think of a bed and breakfast, and me of the hull of a ship.’
    • ‘Someone brought along a yummy salad that had bean sprouts in it, and I helped myself to some and munched away.’
    • ‘Roman has already cooked me way too much yummy food, and I can't even go running because of the rain.’
    • ‘This will be a great community event with plenty of yummy curries on offer and fabulous live entertainment.’
    • ‘There also will be yummy food and cold drinks for sale.’
    • ‘The air was filled with the smell of yummy food and a slight sniff of alcohol.’
    • ‘They put on a wonderful spread, complete with champagne and yummy cakes.’
    tasty, appetizing, pleasant-tasting
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    1. 1.1 Highly attractive and desirable.
      ‘I scooped up this yummy young man’


  • Delicious food.

    ‘plates of homemade yummies’
    • ‘My mother, being a superhero in disguise, has decorated the house up all beautifully and put together an amazing spread of all my favourite foods. (shrimp, Brie cheese and other yummies).’
    • ‘Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream from Reed's, the brewers of that fantastic Ginger Brew, was one of the new yummies at the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco this week.’
    • ‘There are various other restaurants also dishing up delights for the laid-back diner - Italian pizzas cooked in woodfire ovens, Mexican yummies and delicious burgers big enough for two people.’
    • ‘Not a good diet, So if MH is willing tomorrow when she visits and TP wants to, we will go shopping and get some yummies, like chips and burgers and I will eat properly this term.’
    • ‘The first thing I did when I got home was prepare a nice, big dish of yummies for the kitty, since he was obviously starving.’
    • ‘At the same time the adults can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine for a bubbling start, live music and a rich Advent Brunch buffet laden with freshly baked pastries, fruit breads, succulent meats and many other seasonal yummies.’
    • ‘Drop capers everywhere, then drizzle olive oil over the whole mess and tell people to eat with their hands - just pick up a piece of bread and pile on the yummies.’
    • ‘Going by the crowd response near the stalls, it seemed that the yummies were too good to resist.’
    • ‘To get thin, you should eat before you go grocery shopping, not buy fatty or sugary foods, have healthy stuff on hand for snacks and tie yourself to the mast by discarding or making unpalatable any yummies lying around.’
    • ‘Apparently skipping dinner and gorging on nanaimo bars and other chocolate yummies doesn't make you feel so good later.’
    • ‘Soon his mother will realize that I am unprepared to feed her son, that the few shabby pots and pans we have have lain cold amidst eat-out dates and prepackaged yummies.’
    • ‘For lunch tomorrow I made yummies!’


Late 19th century: from yum + -y.