Definition of yum in US English:


(also yum-yum)


  • Used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating, a particular food.

    • ‘We all had some great Australian wines with our dinners - yum!’
    • ‘Yummy yum, this is already completely different to any other champagne I have ever tasted.’
    • ‘The cow jumped over the moon, and licked the giant ice-cream, yum!’
    • ‘I rolled my eyes and tried some of the popcorn; it was toffee flavoured - yum!’
    • ‘It's fun to see what they'll give me next though - yum!’
    • ‘This lotion smells like fresh-cut flowers and a warm breeze… yum!’
    • ‘This means my roast vegetable lasagna and minted peas with pancetta will have to wait for next week… that is unless I have a trial run, yum!’
    • ‘It's especially fun to eat the leftover candy - yum!’


  • (of food) delicious.

    • ‘His barbecued pork chow is a great big sloppy dish of yum.’
    • ‘It's nice to find a veggie restaurant serving yum food’
    • ‘All these piles of lettuce, yum healthy eating.’
    delicious, gorgeous, tasty, good, mouth-watering, appetizing, inviting, palatable, delectable, delightful, succulent, rich, sweet, choice, dainty, savoury, flavoursome, flavourful, piquant, luscious, toothsome
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Late 19th century: imitative.