Definition of yukata in US English:


nounPlural yukatas

  • A light cotton kimono.

    • ‘Guests are encouraged to sign up early for yukata and karaoke contests, as the number of contestants is limited.’
    • ‘His arms were folded in front of him inside the yukata.’
    • ‘Megumi questioned as she watched Rei in a loose yukata leaving through the gate.’
    • ‘Now back in my room in my cotton yukata and nothing else I steam, I generate indoor clouds, I am a walking demonstration of infra-red.’
    • ‘The green satin obi was matched perfectly with the different colours of her yukata.’
    • ‘Her yukata was large on her, but still clung to her curves where the obi tied around her waist.’
    • ‘The ninja reached down into the folds of my yukata and extracted the letter from an inside pocket.’
    • ‘She then looked down to her body and found that she was wearing a white yukata.’
    • ‘Gather lots of old ladies in yukata in a circle around aforementioned tower’
    • ‘Dressed in her yukata, Rei stepped out and closed the door behind her.’
    • ‘Yuki's cheeks turned as pink as her winter yukata.’
    • ‘Aiko blushed heavily as she quickly donned a yukata.’
    • ‘My sister sent me a birthday present - a gorgeous silky yukata (summer kimono), and some funky kimono fabric cuts she bought at the Asakusa markets.’
    • ‘The kimonos and yukatas are for sale in heaps of colours and styles.’
    • ‘The ones I loved most were the glossy red yukata and the green Spanish dancing dress.’
    • ‘She wore a purple yukata that was tied at the waist with a thin black obi.’
    • ‘I will be wearing a yukata.’
    • ‘The only problem is it's been ten years since Hiromi last wore her yukata and she doesn't know how to tie mine.’


Japanese, from yu ‘hot water’ (because originally worn indoors after a bath) + kata(bira) ‘light kimono’.