Definition of Yquem in US English:



  • A sweet white wine from the estate of Château d'Yquem in the Sauternes region of France.

    • ‘The 1997 is destined to be one of the all-time great Yquems on the evidence of this early tasting.’
    • ‘At an age when I could still scarcely read, I was spelling out, drop by drop, old light clarets and dazzling Yquems.’
    • ‘This is certainly one of the great Yquems, and probably more along the style of the 1975 than more recent vintages.’
    • ‘Some have already made comparisons to such extraordinary Yquems as the 1967, 1959 and 1921.’
    • ‘Seventy vintages of Yquem ranging from 1858 to 2001 were offered.’
    • ‘If my instincts are correct, this is the most profound Yquem since the legendary 1959.’
    • ‘Certainly it is one of the richest Yquems I have ever tasted, with 50-100 years of potential longevity.’