Definition of yoga pants in English:

yoga pants

plural noun

  • Stretchy knit pants designed to be worn for yoga or other exercise.

    • ‘There was the 60-something Pilates instructor in front of me, shoulder-length gray hair and dressy yoga pants, telling her 40-something horn-rimmed glasses-wearing friend about how the switch from Astanga yoga to Pilates had changed her whole life.’
    • ‘I'd changed into yoga pants and a comfy top.’
    • ‘The scoop neck and lean fit make it cute with jeans, yoga pants, or under a blazer.’
    • ‘"I'd just better go change," I said, as I realized the red yoga pants I was wearing were causing puddles to form as the snow melted off them.’
    • ‘50 winners will receive a deluxe holistic gift basket to help you relax, soothe and renew, including yoga pants, an aromatherapy candle, massage oil, a relaxing CD and Ohm products.’
    • ‘The last time I traveled to Greensboro and came through this airport I was wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt and I was on crutches.’
    • ‘Most of her students - eight young women dressed in sweats or yoga pants and T-shirts - take back-to-back hula and Tahitian classes.’
    • ‘I wear black yoga pants and a short-sleeve black top.’
    • ‘There are no pom-poms in sight; girls wear yoga pants and bra tops and are drenched in sweat after an hour spent learning and relearning a 90-second routine.’
    • ‘I'm often late and show up wearing yoga pants.’
    • ‘Killer selection of monogram-worthy tees, yoga pants, hoodies, and military bags - all 40 percent off.’
    • ‘For now, she's particularly targeting women, many of whom are as likely to wear yoga pants as jeans or khakis when they head to the mall or the movies these days.’
    • ‘I don't think she will be making do on one average salary or having to cancel her baby yoga class because her yoga pants (the only ones she can get into now) are buried in the laundry basket.’
    • ‘I spent much of my time laid up in my yoga pants and tee-shirt in the comfortable deck furniture.’
    • ‘She is wearing a pair of white yoga pants, and an old pink shirt that says 'dancers kick butt'.’