Definition of yessir in English:


(also yessiree)


  • 1Used to express assent.

    ‘“Do you understand me?” “Yessir!”’
    • ‘‘Uh, yessir,’ the guard shifted his weight, moving his halberd back to rest.’
    • ‘Uh, yessir - pardun me, sir - but, uh, how will the ship know time's movin’ a-forwart?’
    • ‘They'll sweat their rears off, they'll yessir and nosir you to death, but when it comes down to it, they're just too damn eager, too revved up to slow down and think.’
    • ‘Damn that were close, I think it got you Massa that time, yessir.’
    • ‘It's all ‘yessir, nosir, yessir, nosir…’ It could start to make a man a little depressed. ‘Little’ meaning up to the extent of suicidal.’
    1. 1.1North American Used to express emphatic affirmation.
      ‘yessir the food was cheap’
      • ‘I be keepin’ you young'uns outta trouble today, yessir!’’
      • ‘They never fail to liven up our putrid existence. hecklerspray has a particular penchant for a cat fight and, yessir, there's one a-brewin’!’
      • ‘‘Why, yessir, we do,’ Luca said matter-of-factly.’


Early 20th century: alteration of yes sir.