Definition of yes in English:



  • 1Used to give an affirmative response.

    ‘“Do you understand?” “Yes.”’
    • ‘Oh yes, please call Adam's mother and tell her he is okay.’
    • ‘If your Honour pleases, yes, it is even more strongly stated there.’
    • ‘And yes, I do understand that marriage may have begun as a means of social control by the church.’
    • ‘And yes, please throw away any tools that are worn out and replace them.’
    • ‘My response is yes, and that is a danger that we worked out when we took the decision.’
    • ‘In all seriousness - yes, please stand for the leadership.’
    • ‘At a quick glance around she was please to note that yes, they did.’
    • ‘We would love a new ‘academy’ for our children, yes please, but we'd like it for everyone.’
    • ‘Let him say yes… Please let him say yes… Kit paused and then nodded a quick affirmative.’
    • ‘And she says yes, please, are you free this evening?’
    • ‘Say ‘Ooh, yes please’ when your father-in-law asks if you would like an eighth beer.’
    • ‘Please say yes, as I really don't want to have to explain basic optics.’
    • ‘So from my point of view, yes, I understand there have to be sometimes corporate policies, but at the end of the day I know my business better than the centre does.’
    • ‘Err yes, please - but why the Fawlty Towers impression?’
    • ‘Of course, I said yes but I only agreed to make it only after I read what he has written about me.’
    • ‘He blushed so hard that he could have sworn his face looked like a tomato. ‘Please say yes,’ He thought eagerly.’
    • ‘When I asked the - the secretary to stay on as secretary of defense, I was very pleased when he said yes.’
    • ‘So, yes, I understand that, but I think it needs to be both.’
    • ‘I asked Craig if he would consider making a jump with him, Craig's response was a resounding yes!’
    • ‘He asked me if I wanted to go to the Valentine dance with him and of course I said yes!’
    • ‘I am pleased with the record yes, but my main feeling at this moment is disappointment for not having been able to beat Montgomery.’
    • ‘I don't hear a lot of calls on behalf of economic officials saying, yes, please come and invest.’
    all right, alright, very well, of course, by all means, sure, certainly, absolutely, indeed, affirmative, in the affirmative, agreed, roger
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    1. 1.1 Expressing agreement with a positive statement just made.
      ‘“That was a grand evening.” “Yes, it was.”’
      • ‘Of course, yes, certainly, it was a chance to be associated with the games.’
      • ‘Asked if he would file the necessary papers before the Kharar court to record his statement, Kohli replied with a categorical yes but was not sure when he would do so.’
      • ‘Well actually… (catches panicked look from Willow) yes, you're absolutely right.’
      • ‘And to the extent that terrorism is part of the security problem, then, yes, I absolutely agree with that.’
      • ‘Perhaps he was aesthetically pleasing, yes, but as far as his personality went…’
      • ‘You know, I agree to a certain degree that, yes, the way we dress, the way that we present ourselves in their society does carry weight.’
      • ‘We would be in a better position economically now, yes, definitely.’
      • ‘Although felt extremely happy when I heard that, I could not give a big positive yes at the moment he asked.’
      • ‘I pondered the significance of this statement before agreeing, yes, his hypothesis may prove correct.’
      • ‘Well, I mean, yes, of course, we all have the right to do that.’
      • ‘Ah yes, that's certainly true, but we are also obliged to notify the next of kin.’
    2. 1.2 Asked at the end of a statement to indicate the expectation of agreement.
      ‘you think I perhaps killed Westbourne, yes?’
    3. 1.3 Expressing contradiction of a negative statement.
      ‘“You don't want to go.” “Yes, I do.”’
  • 2Used as a response to someone addressing one or otherwise trying to attract one's attention.

    ‘“Oh, Mr. Lawrence.” “Yes?”’
  • 3Used to question a remark or ask for more detail about it.

    ‘“It should be easy to check.” “Oh yes? How?”’
  • 4Encouraging someone to continue speaking.

    ‘“When you bought those photographs …” “Yes?”’
  • 5Expressing delight.

    ‘plenty to eat, including hot roast beef sandwiches (yes!)’


  • An affirmative answer or decision, especially in voting.

    ‘answering with assured and ardent yeses’
    • ‘One coolly abstracted the city, taking what he wanted and discarding the rest, reshaping it to his liking with emphatic yesses and nos.’
    • ‘I smiled thoughtfully to myself as I ticked off the amount of yeses on my fingers.’
    • ‘But as the vote went on, those yeses quickly dropped off.’
    • ‘A chorus of yeses, head nods, and wolf calls went around the table.’
    • ‘And by the way, there are a lot of yeses on that question.’
    • ‘Super-optimists suggest that, perhaps with some changes and reassurance from European leaders, the noes might be turned into yeses, like water into wine.’
    • ‘Ok, I got a few yeses, and a few people just telling me to continue.’
    • ‘I got some quite reluctant yesses from one or two - so I had my photos done first to show them it was tasteful and not at all pornographic.’
    • ‘‘I've come up with a lot of yesses and nos,’ came the measured response.’
    • ‘If it doesn't bother you, send me a yes at my e-mail address.’
    • ‘But all I have is one maybe and a handful of yeses conditional on coming up with the money.’
    • ‘So, what happens though, the combination of all of those yeses, you know, over a period of time, builds your own brand, builds your life brand; it really determines who you are.’
    • ‘The response was a bunch of yeahs, sures, OKs, and yeses.’
    • ‘Rilla counted them up as each name was called, and found a large majority of yesses.’
    • ‘We have 5 yesses, two nos, and a maybe as long as nobody goes into labour that day.’
    • ‘The no votes had just nosed past the yeses by a few tenths of a percent.’
    • ‘So, if you're reading this could you please post a yes or a no as to whether you are on the Organ Donor register.’
    • ‘The yeses are the different areas of struggle, the different lines of flight to possible different worlds.’
    • ‘And then I go into the unknown once I get a lot of yeses.’
    • ‘That'd be three yesses. [Laughs.] But I was just thinking, as I was answering that, that when I'm writing for the theater, I write more in a filmic way.’
    approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, welcome, encouragement
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  • yes and no

    • Partly and partly not.

      ‘“Did it come as a surprise to you?” “Yes and no.”’
      • ‘Yet no one has offered to suggest that Ablett's woes are anything other than those of his own making - but I would argue yes and no?’
      • ‘Asked whether he was disappointed with the team score of 228, he said, ‘Both yes and no.’’
      • ‘That is why the answer to your question is, yes and no.’
      • ‘The answer, according to Dr. Robert Polisky, a dermatologist in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is both yes and no.’
      • ‘Well yes and no - sure you want to have your search index in RAM, accessing RAM is 1000 times faster than disk access, but the main problem with Windows is the lack of a decent searchable index in the first place.’
      • ‘As for violence being in our faces 24-7, well yes and no.’
      • ‘The answer, like so many things in politics, is yes and no.’
      • ‘To me, lightly grilling him in a hotel in Kensington High Street, he simply says: ‘The answer's yes and no.’’
      • ‘Asked if he was still doing legal work, he replied: ‘The answer is yes and no in that I have always done wee bits and pieces.’’
      • ‘Larissa Behrendt: I think the answer to that is yes and no.’


Old English gēse, gīse, probably from an unrecorded phrase meaning ‘may it be so’.