Definition of yer in US English:



  • ‘well, are yer comin'?’
    nonstandard spelling of you, used in representing dialectal speech
    • ‘‘I've seen the way ‘e looks at yer luv, no use tryin’ ter fool me he's not keen.’’

possessive determiner

  • ‘eat yer dinner’
    nonstandard spelling of your, used in representing dialectal speech
    • ‘On Yer Bike Winery Tours offers a unique, one-day, cycling experience giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy tasting some of Hawkes Bay's finest foods.’
    • ‘Aren't you supposed to be grateful to someone when they save yer life?’
    • ‘You want yer feckin bread buttered on both sides.’
    • ‘He ran calling, ‘Wildfire, you stupid piece of horseflesh, get yer ass back here!’’
    • ‘So strap on yer dancing shoes ‘cause we gonna get down like James Brown (without all that nasty wife-beating stuff)!’
    • ‘It's all yer fault,’ one elderly woman said as she left St Aidan's Cathedral in Enniscorthy yesterday, tears rolling down her wrinkled face.’
    • ‘Just as we find those blood sports that were historically beloved by yer honest working classes - cock fighting, dog fighting, bear baiting - cruel and thus morally repellent.’
    • ‘Imagine yer average punter shuffling into the local garage and asking if ‘that’ model has ‘launch’ capabilities, runs better on this tyre or that, and does it have a Formula 1 recommendation?’
    • ‘The title of this post should really read ‘Who's yer mommy? ‘but when you're showing a photo of a crawdad, it just doesn't make sense, does it?’
    • ‘As a red light lingered, Mick stared at the view, one of the best things about living in this godforsaken shithole of a town (no Milan, you can bet yer bags).’
    • ‘To which the improbably-forearmed mariner can only reply: ‘Yer musches up some cabbidge and some carrikts, mate, and yer serves it with yer spinachk.’’
    • ‘Hey Pat… um, you've got a little somethin’ on yer tie there, buddy.’
    • ‘Touch me and my dad'll be round and he'll blind yer.’
    • ‘Thats like saying your 308 is just like schumachers f1 car… get a freaking grip rooster boy… and keep yer pecker up’
    • ‘Ya sick pervert… Ugh… Fine, go handle yer business while I get this fool's money.’
    • ‘Yo, young girl, aren't you suppose ta be home with yer mommy?’
    • ‘Enthusiastic about working harder, working smarter, being more considerate… I've got to try and persuade yer average cynical, British worker to bin the habits of a lifetime and start to think ‘Japanese’.’
    • ‘My main worry is when I return for my car the mechanic will say ‘yes boss yer spheres are fixed but I did notice that yer flange sprocket divider is a bit worn’ ‘O yes’ I'll say ‘and how much will that cost?’’
    • ‘The public view is good-natured tolerance, reflecting Alf Garnett's ‘‘E's not one of yer restaurant Greeks!’’
    • ‘Luckily, after an exhaustive audition process (‘what's yer dress size?’’
    • ‘A loudspeaker crackles to life: ‘Ladies & gentlemen, put yer hands together for…’
    • ‘To celebrate our second ever show bring yer party balloons, streamers, cheezels, falafel rolls and throw anything you've got in the air.’


  • You are, used in representing dialectal speech.

    ‘yer a dang fool’
    • ‘I wonder what we might hear in the Yeperenye Shopping Centre, apart from ‘how yer going ‘and ‘isn't it hot‘.’
    • ‘Little Joe widened his eyes and thought, And yer supposed to be the smart one?’
    • ‘Posted by Scott at 9: 55 a.m., a steel city paper gives the full text of that Dubya speech, if yer interested.’
    • ‘I tell ya what, de next time yer comin inta town bring de auld bike wit ya and ya can chain it to de pole outside, ‘sniggered Jim backing out the door, deciding that it was time to beat a hasty retreat.’’
    • ‘Yer right, I suppose. He lay there, staring at the ceiling until he eventually fell asleep.’
    • ‘And hell, while yer at it, you might as well download America the Britneyful too, for that patriotic feel.’
    • ‘What, oh suck it up, yer suppose to be a werewolf.’
    • ‘Freddie & the Dreamers picked it up and did a George Formby version - [sings ‘If yer gotta make a fool of somebody’ like a scouse Formby].’
    • ‘Can't even remember where the room to the boy yer supposed to be protecting is?’
    • ‘And I said ‘how'd yer go? ‘in a clear and confident way with that little hint of warmth that people always seem to introduce.’’


  • ‘I hate mighty bad to bus’ up dis yer ax-helve’
    nonstandard spelling of here, used in representing dialectal speech