Definition of Yellow Pages in US English:

Yellow Pages

(also yellow pages)

plural noun

trademark in UK
  • 1A telephone directory, or a section of one, printed on yellow paper and listing businesses and other organizations according to the goods or services they offer.

    • ‘RR Donnelley continues to print Yellow Pages and Business Pages for Yell.’
    • ‘For your nearest CAB, social services or housing department, see your local telephone directory or Yellow Pages.’
    • ‘Then, together with 11 other trainee telesales reps, I was led to a room where dozens of staff sat randomly plucking business phone numbers from Yellow Pages and deceiving them into forking out money.’
    • ‘The featured DJs claimed to be able to smell records in a town as they hit its outskirts, while others cursed their luck at arriving too late, the record-shop listings in the Yellow Pages having been ripped out by their rivals.’
    • ‘Do they want work or do they have their names and addresses printed in Yellow Pages for fun?’
    • ‘The Yellow Pages are full of listings for general building contractors.’
    • ‘Randomly picking business telephone numbers from Yellow Pages they conned thousands of victims - always dialling 141 before each call so it could not be traced.’
    • ‘About 62% of the publication is dedicated to telephone number listings and 25% to the Yellow Pages.’
    • ‘The doctors would start to ask questions; I mentally ran through all the hospitals we'd been to already, and then got out the phone book and scanned the Yellow Pages.’
    1. 1.1 A business directory accessed through the Internet.
      • ‘You can find these cheap website design companies by looking on internet auction websites such as ebay, internet search engines such as google or in the Yellow Pages.’
      • ‘Local also beats my local Yellow Pages publisher's online directory service, Qwest's Dex, in my opinion.’
      • ‘Using the Yellow Pages online, you can find almost any product sold in Singapore, and sometimes you can order it on-line as well.’
      • ‘Think Yellow Pages, think referral fees, think online.’
      • ‘Making matters even worse, regional telephone companies decided to compete for Internet Yellow Pages contracts.’
      • ‘CUT loose again Company Net set about building up a neat portfolio of Scottish clients, including Historic Scotland which won a Yellow Pages on-line award in its launch week.’
      • ‘Consult the Yellow Pages or the Internet for reweavers.’
      • ‘It lays out the structure of an Internet-based Yellow Pages where an application can find other service providers.’
      • ‘Tracking the term through the Yellow Pages and the Internet, Francaviglia locates an emerging vernacular.’
      • ‘Yahoo's Yellow Pages already offer a keyword search for business name or business type and orders results by distance from any location.’


Yellow Pages

/ˈyelō ˌpājiz//ˈjɛloʊ ˌpeɪdʒɪz/