Definition of yellow ocher in US English:

yellow ocher


  • 1A yellow pigment that usually contains limonite, a yellowish-brown oxide of iron.

    • ‘Of the fraktur with an inorganic yellow colorant, two were identified as chrome yellow, one as yellow ocher, and four as orpiment.’
    • ‘Additional details are painted with an earth-toned palette of clay red, burnt umber, yellow ocher, and black.’
    • ‘The hues, one to a box, ranged widely, including signal red, cadmium blue and yellow ocher.’
    • ‘Yellow ocher is a natural earth pigment which consists mostly of clay colored by iron.’
    • ‘Samples of the floor finish, taken from protected areas, such as under thresholds of doorways and behind baseboards, revealed at least two layers of yellow ocher paint with varnish layers between them.’
    • ‘Our French yellow ocher is from the ocher deposits in the French quarries of Gargas and Rustrel nestled in a 12 mile long enclave in the heart of the Luberon Massif.’
    1. 1.1 A moderate orange color with yellow overtones.
      • ‘Yellow ochers are no more standard in nature than the reds.’
      • ‘An array of pale blue, orange, sienna and yellow ocher hues illuminate the scene, as the dynamic thrust of the composition suggests an implosion.’