Definition of yearling in English:



  • 1An animal (especially a sheep, calf, or foal) that is a year old or that is in its second year.

    • ‘Compared with the HPS, more weaned heifers and fewer bred yearlings were sold when heifer development costs were increased.’
    • ‘I can't throw my lambs on pasture and sell them as long yearlings next year.’
    • ‘‘We got curious after the reports,’ says Davis, who's seen new lambs, yearlings and ewes within the herd.’
    • ‘An Orkney farmer scooped one of the prizes at the prestigious Black Beauty Bonanza show of Aberdeen-Angus calves and yearlings, in Aberdeenshire, on Saturday.’
    • ‘Send yearlings to the feedlot early and curtail replacement heifer production for a year.’
    • ‘Almost all rams were first caught as lambs or yearlings; those caught as adults were aged by counting the horn annuli.’
    • ‘He mates them to a Charolais bull and keeps the calves until they are yearlings.’
    • ‘Overall, he counted at least 34 new lambs and 25 yearlings.’
    • ‘The yearlings are developed at his farm in Fenloe, Co Clare.’
    • ‘He sells heifers as yearlings, finishes the bullocks and also has 20 ewes.’
    • ‘In one of several grazing studies, yearlings on improved bermudagrass/ryegrass pasture grew at a moderate rate.’
    • ‘The animals were classified as yearlings, 2-yr-olds, or mature bulls.’
    • ‘Erickson et al. conducted two feeding trials to evaluate the P requirements of steers brought into the feedlot as yearlings or calves.’
    • ‘Other yearlings grazing very high quality pastures with no supplemental feed are able to meet their lysine requirement and achieve moderate growth.’
    • ‘At Ennis Mart, 600 yearlings and 400 calves met a very strong trade.’
    • ‘The animals included seven yearlings which an RSPCA vet said were emaciated and suffering from malnutrition.’
    • ‘To successfully graze and grow yearlings, a combination of very high quality winter and summer grasses must be available.’
    • ‘L. J. Express has sired three foals in one crop of racing age and has two yearlings in his second crop.’
    • ‘Weight gains of yearlings typically average 1.5 to 2.5 lb/day during the growing season.’
    • ‘Named after the famous explorer, Tom Crean the ram is a fine animal, a good scotch yearling bred by a Dingle sheep farmer who has a reputationn for producing hardy sheep.’
    1. 1.1 A racehorse in the calendar year after its year of foaling.
      • ‘He has 14 yearlings, according to Jockey Club records.’
      • ‘Currently there are six divisions of Three Chimneys, four of which are devoted to mares and foals, one to yearlings, and one to the farm's 12 stallions.’
      • ‘Standing for $15,000 this year, Benny the Dip's first foals are yearlings this year.’
      • ‘The sale includes 110 broodmares and an undisclosed number of yearlings, foals, and stallion interests.’
      • ‘The second most expensive yearling on the day was an Indian Charlie colt out of the Dawn Quixote mare Caliente Lace.’
      • ‘Second highest priced yearling of the session was a daughter of For Really purchased by El Ojo de Agua Racing Stables for $34,000.’
      • ‘Stakes-placed winner Aggie Southpaw, a nine-year-old son of Forty Niner, has sired ten foals of racing age and six yearlings.’
      • ‘Smith exerted his influence on South African bloodstock by importing quality yearlings and top stallions from New Zealand.’
      • ‘Her last foal is a yearling by Atticus named Artist's Dream.’
      • ‘From three crops, Moving Shoulder has eleven foals of racing age, eight yearlings, and three weanlings.’
      • ‘The final day will feature mostly yearlings and horses of racing age.’
      • ‘Red Storm Stable went to $78,000 for a dark bay or brown colt by the son of Storm Cat whose first foals are yearlings this year, out of On With The Music.’
      • ‘Peeples also purchased the second highest-priced yearling of the day when he bid $57,000 for a chestnut colt from the first crop of Just a Cat.’
      • ‘Despite the drops, Tuesday's session did produce the sale's probable top-priced colt and filly, two of eight seven-figure yearlings sold on the day.’
      • ‘Renamed Country Life Nursery at Merryland Farm, the facility will be used for mares, foals, and yearlings.’
      • ‘Killed in the fire were four horses that were being laid up from the racetrack, two yearlings, and one weanling.’
      • ‘Cassidy currently has an ownership interest in 28 horses, which includes broodmares, weanlings, and yearlings and horses in training.’
      • ‘The structure that was destroyed was a barn used for foaling mares and prepping yearlings.’
      • ‘The second-highest price for a yearling in Goff's history came when Kilcarn Stud sole a stallion for £2 million.’
      • ‘Secreniner's first foals are yearlings of 2002.’


  • 1attributive Having lived or existed for a year; a year old.

    ‘a yearling calf’
    • ‘On the ranch, yearling heifers, 2-year-old cows, and 3-year-old cows are all managed separately.’
    • ‘For yearling horses on improved pastures, unlimited grazing time appears to allow requirements to be met, but pastures must be of very good quality and forage-on-offer must be adequate.’
    • ‘There was a numerical trend for correlations to be higher for yearling bulls and lower for preharvest heifers.’
    • ‘At one end are the highly specialized producers of yearling calves.’
    • ‘Gompert said some producers have reported yearling cattle gains of up to 1,600 pounds per acre.’
    • ‘An evaluation of the economics of heifer development revealed that the pregnancy rate for yearling heifers may not be as important as the pregnancy rate of the 2-year old.’
    • ‘Now 11, last week's yearling filly at Doncaster was her first to make the sales ring.’
    • ‘Regardless of the production environment, it is clear that the need for proper management and nutrition programs does not end when the yearling heifer becomes pregnant.’
    • ‘The effect of varying levels of Ca on bone density of yearling horses is reported in Table 4.’
    • ‘It can add weight to yearling cattle or increase cow condition prior to winter.’
    • ‘He had thought she would certainly leave the territory during the winter when the yearling foxes become restless.’
    • ‘‘Putting weight on yearling stocker cattle with forage is a vital agricultural and economic activity here,’ says Northup.’
    • ‘From an unthreatening vantage point we watched a valleyful of sheep - a total of 19, all ewes and lambs and yearling males.’
    • ‘Yearling females stayed closer to their mothers than yearling males during all months except June, the month of initial family breakup.’
    • ‘In contrast, Kastelic et al. monitored inseminated yearling heifers for signs of pregnancy.’
    • ‘A typical March farm scene includes calved cows, young calves, yearling cattle and older finishing cattle.’
    • ‘Gillen says the range is home to about 120 cow-calf pairs and more than 400 yearling beef steers.’
    • ‘We conclude that the producer need not be greatly concerned about first calf pregnancy rates if enough yearling heifers are exposed to provide adequate, pregnant first-calf heifers.’
    • ‘Simple correlations were derived for growth and fertility traits from the yearling bulls at Location 1.’
    • ‘Growth rates and skeletal development of yearling horses have been shown to be reduced if concentrate intake is restricted to less than ad libitum intake during two daily feeding periods.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to something that is a year old.
      ‘the yearling market’
      • ‘Mulholland, whose farm mainly breeds to sell for the yearling market, said he was buying at OBS for the first time.’
      • ‘Keeneland Director of Sales Geoffrey Russell also believes the momentum from this summer's thriving yearling market carried over into the breeding stock sale.’
      • ‘Seattle Dancer's enduring moment of fame came in July 1985 when offered at the Keeneland July selected yearling sale at the height of the boom in the yearling market.’
      • ‘Final totals for the premier yearling market in France extended beyond the hopes of the sales company.’