Definition of yawningly in US English:



  • See yawn

    • ‘These are classic thriller plotlines, recycled time and again to what is often yawningly predictable effect.’
    • ‘Rashly, Theresa accepts a second date with Tony at which the gulf between them becomes yawningly apparent.’
    • ‘The running time is also yawningly self-indulgent at nearly 80 minutes.’
    • ‘Last year, the grass-root activists began the yawningly elongated process of selecting a prospective parliamentary candidate.’
    • ‘Fate (and a yawningly indifferent public) taught this wannabe pop star a cruel lesson.’
    • ‘It is sometimes given grudgingly, unthinkingly, or yawningly.’
    • ‘Still, it wasn't unusual for a typical pattern to arise, almost yawningly predictable.’
    • ‘Guys Gone Wild Producers of the yawningly popular Girls Gone Wild series come out with their first installments of a parallel series featuring guys who take it all off for the camera.’
    • ‘But who's to say that five minutes into a conversation with him, that I don't find him yawningly dull and he doesn't find me brain-numbingly boring?’
    • ‘Its parade of sententious and yawningly vacuous postmodern artspeak can only serve to perpetuate the perception of the contemporary art world as a self-serving elite.’
    • ‘Generally, the fellows with the ‘credentials‘on CNN and Fox, especially the ‘military experts,‘alternate between belaboring the yawningly obvious and exhibiting partisanship.’’
    • ‘The Piano was Hancock's first album as a solo pianist, and I'm sorry to say that for me, it echoes the ‘concept’ albums released by rock artists at the time, extending modest ideas to yawningly self-indulgent lengths.’
    • ‘For all they have been doing the extraordinary this season, Celtic rarely looked anything other than strictly, nay yawningly, ordinary in the first half yesterday.’
    • ‘When asked if the title race would be much closer than the yawningly easy successes of Celtic in the past two seasons, McLeish replied without hesitation.’
    • ‘Players go along, some happily, others yawningly - or they take control in the real world by turning the game off.’
    • ‘Much of Mr. Moore's Manichaeism will be yawningly familiar to anyone accustomed to the weird myopia of the far left these days.’
    • ‘As ever, the building's the Star, the exhibits yawningly, unyieldingly tiresome.’
    • ‘In a sense they were more honest as well, naturally inspired where Change of Living seems built upon a tasteful if yawningly predictable record collection.’