Definition of yard sale in US English:

yard sale


North American
  • A garage sale.

    • ‘The goal is to have all of the money raised by the end of the semester through fundraisers such as a yard sale, a pancake breakfast, a carwash, and the sale of a residence-themed calendar.’
    • ‘Once you get an estimate you can live with from a plumber, the next step is to find an old dresser or chest of drawers, which you can pick up at a used furniture store, a flea market, or a yard sale for very little cash.’
    • ‘Of course, it's going to be a very busy weekend as we have the yard sale, take the dogs to the vet, have the house cleaned, sign paperwork for the house sales, etc.’
    • ‘However, while digging through the boxes and whatnot, I did come across a box of things I bought at a yard sale in D.C. last year.’
    • ‘Our defense is the farmers' market, the yard sale, the auctions.’
    • ‘It also looks like next weekend will be our yard sale.’
    • ‘Or maybe you'll find out the beaded handbag you picked up for 2 bucks at a yard sale is way rare and worth, oh, enough to pay your college tuition!’
    • ‘One year she'd found the rocker at a yard sale in the next town over and had paid someone to repair the broken chair arms and varnish it until one could almost see their face in it before having it delivered to her.’
    • ‘He had found it at a yard sale, but it lacked games.’
    • ‘I find it helpful to think of this miniature economy in terms of a yard sale, where all the participants put their goods out on the lawn Saturday morning, then stroll up and down the street making trades with their neighbors.’
    • ‘The range of things I know is as diverse as the range of stuff at a yard sale.’
    • ‘She discovered a pumphouse at a yard sale and turned it into a colorful garden shed.’
    • ‘A rare Velvet Underground acetate, containing an alternate version of their first album (different mixes, sequence and some alternate takes) was bought at a yard sale in Oregon for 75 cents.’
    • ‘But, our patient sticks to her decision: ‘You can sell my furniture at a yard sale!’’
    • ‘Who says you can't find anything good at a yard sale?’
    • ‘Round up the things you've outgrown, and throw a yard sale.’
    • ‘A yard sale, like a carboot for people who can't be bothered driving.’
    • ‘Then comb the garage, basement and attic, and hold a yard sale every Saturday morning.’
    • ‘For a while I'd planned on having a yard sale with friends because I really didn't think I had enough to fill an entire sale.’
    • ‘The spot I selected for my U-turn happened to be right next to a yard sale so I climbed out for a browse.’


yard sale

/ˈjɑrd ˌseɪl//ˈyärd ˌsāl/