Definition of yachtswoman in US English:



  • A woman who sails yachts.

    ‘she became the fastest yachtswoman to circumnavigate the world’
    • ‘The national media, eager to break another disaster story, have been carrying images that make York appear marooned to all except yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur.’
    • ‘Wrapped in blankets, her adoring fans braved freezing temperatures to welcome home the record-breaking yachtswoman.’
    • ‘Ice patrol ship HMS Endurance broke off from a training exercise in mid-ocean to hail lone yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur as she continues her bid to break a world record.’
    • ‘A 20-year-old yachtswoman attempting to be the youngest person to sail single-handed around the United Kingdom abandoned her attempt just eight hours into the 1,500-mile voyage, a coastguard said yesterday.’
    • ‘In recent years, lone French yachtswoman Isabelle Autissier and British round-the-world yachtsman Tony Bullimore were both rescued in well-organised and costly operations involving dozens of aircraft and several naval ships.’
    • ‘British solo yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur yesterday claimed a record-breaking victory in the Route du Rhum, one of the world's most prestigious transatlantic races.’
    • ‘The businessman yesterday spoke of his relief that his public battle with the round-the-world yachtswoman was over.’
    • ‘Rather than dreaming about the far-flung places she will visit on her journey, which include Brazil and New Zealand, the level-headed yachtswoman says she will be concentrating on practicalities.’
    • ‘Youngest sailor British yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, 23, is on course to become the youngest ever competitor to sail single-handed round the world in the 26,000 Vendee Globe challenge.’
    • ‘ELLEN MACARTHUR, Britain's most famous yachtswoman, is preparing to set out this week on an attempt to make history by breaking the solo round-the-world record.’
    • ‘The Carwyn James Junior Award - now in its 20th year - went to 14-year-old yachtswoman Hannah Mills from Dinas Powys and golfer Rhys Davies, 19, from Bridgend.’
    • ‘2006 has got off to a flying start for three Northland yachtswomen, as they continue their build-up to contesting Gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.’
    • ‘She was a keen gardener and an experienced yachtswoman, both round the British coast and abroad.’
    • ‘It's a question that few could answer - Isle of Wight solo yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur might understand, or Mike Noel-Smith and Rob Abernethy, who tried and failed to row the Indian Ocean last week.’
    • ‘She speaks with the sort of received pronunciation you might expect from a former yachtswoman brought up in the Home Counties.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman said the Force 6 winds at the start of the 15-day race would test the 5ft 3in yachtswoman.’
    • ‘In some of the loneliest seas in the world the Navy appeared to help support the yachtswoman's morale.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy's top admiral has sent a personal message of congratulations to record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur.’
    • ‘Watching record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur return from her circumnavigation of the globe bought back powerful memories for Stuart Boreham.’
    • ‘The ship wallowed through waves up to 30 feet high in the treacherous Drake's Passage, part of the Southern Ocean where yachtswoman Ellen McArthur and her crew came to grief a few days later on her yacht Kingfisher 2.’
    • ‘Roth claims the media return on their investment in the 28-year-old yachtswoman is in the order of £100m in brand exposure and goodwill over the lifetime of the deal.’
    • ‘Record-breaking round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur has set a new level of international competition and put her name alongside our seagoing greats.’
    • ‘The yachtswoman scored her greatest feat yesterday when she won a dramatic solo transatlantic race in a record-breaking time after a tense fortnight at sea.’
    • ‘The Derbyshire-born yachtswoman also had to reverse her yacht after the rudder snagged an object, losing her valuable time.’
    • ‘They include Britain's most successful Formula One driver Jackie Stewart, who receives a knighthood, former England soccer captain Alan Shearer and round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, who hails from Matlock.’
    • ‘Scottish Olympic hopes may be few and far between - in the absence of Doug Walker, the best bet for a medal will probably be yachtswoman Shirley Robertson.’
    • ‘She describes how she became the fastest yachtswoman to circumnavigate the world.’
    • ‘Rachel was presented with her award last week from celebrated Australian of the Year and solo yachtswoman Kay Cottee, who inspired the young women by illustrating how their dreams can come true if they apply themselves.’
    • ‘Other classes are names after Mahatma Gandhi, Emily Pankhurst and yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur.’
    • ‘Dea Birkett rejoices in a graphic demonstration of the limits of the ‘you can achieve anything if you really, really want it badly enough’ philosophy espoused by the likes of yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur.’
    • ‘But the winds never gave up on the 5ft 3in yachtswoman and she was able to sail to victory in the race which set off from St Mâlo in France on November 9.’