Definition of yacht in English:



  • 1A medium-sized sailboat equipped for cruising or racing.

    • ‘In 1973 the Hesketh Team boarded a luxury yacht and cruised into Monaco harbour for their first F1 race.’
    • ‘These craft run the gamut from sleek international racing yachts to historic workboats.’
    • ‘I went to the El Gouna marina, not yet filled with white polished yachts because the international yachting brigade were still out in the Med.’
    • ‘They will be sailing among a fleet of 200 yachts, dinghies and jet skis raising money for medical research.’
    • ‘These are the sounds that surround Carina - the racing yacht on which I'll be sailing this month from Newport to Bermuda.’
    • ‘On his office wall here, along with some breathtaking drawings of yacht hulls, is a black-and-white photograph of a small yacht being pounded by gigantic seas.’
    • ‘Mr Labouchere, who lives in Stratford-sub-Castle, has been at the forefront of revolutionary design for many years, building his career designing hulls for ferries and racing yachts.’
    • ‘About 280 Olympic class yachts in 11 classes from 70 nations are based at Sydney's Olympic Marina to participate in 14 days of racing.’
    • ‘The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats, yachts and coracles.’
    • ‘The danger, excitement and adventure of racing yachts on the high seas awaits a North Yorkshire woman, picked to take part in one of the world's toughest yacht races.’
    • ‘He hit the headlines in 1998 when his racing yacht capsized in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, after he had been at sea for two months competing in a round-the-world race.’
    • ‘I asked to be transported to a sailing yacht, cruising just offshore of that beach.’
    • ‘You must believe me when I tell you that nothing tests waterproofing so comprehensively as a sitting on the weather rail of a racing yacht in a force seven south westerly.’
    • ‘Robertson's lifelong friend Rick Allen gave up a dream job as a chef on private yachts cruising the Mediterranean to help Robertson chase his dream, to make sure that his tank stays full and his engine finely tuned.’
    • ‘Critics of the measure say that the imposition of fees will kill the popularity of Bonaire as a prime haven for yachts cruising in the Southern Caribbean.’
    • ‘Three sailors from the Southampton area have been airlifted to safety after sending a dramatic text message from their racing yacht which capsized in a severe gale off the Isle of Wight.’
    • ‘Last year's Regatta grew to a record 138 high-calibre racing yachts with over 4000 competitors and spectators.’
    • ‘A young woman who is a stewardess on a ferry becomes a skipper on a racing yacht.’
    • ‘Three people were rescued from the stricken yacht's life raft by sailors from HMAS Newcastle.’
    • ‘The naturally perfect horseshoe-shaped harbor is filled with mega cruise ships, sailing yachts, sloops, ferryboats, and fishing craft.’
    1. 1.1often with modifier A powered boat or small ship equipped for cruising, typically for private or official use.
      ‘a steam yacht’
      • ‘The Victorian steam yacht was originally designed in the form of a Venetian gondola and was first launched in 1859 on Coniston Water.’
      • ‘Les Pompiers were out in force, and alongside the dock a bareboat charter yacht was half sunk.’
      • ‘And as the water continues to come up, the tide moves in, we can see the water getting higher and higher on all of these boats, these luxury yachts.’
      • ‘Robert Ehrlich proposed unloading the Maryland Independence, the 112-foot state yacht.’
      • ‘The Ocean Marina, established south of Jomtien Beach some two decades ago, has primarily been a facility for berthing power boats, yachts and ocean-going catamarans.’
      • ‘In under a decade, the steam yacht would be as passé as the coracle…’
      • ‘For the rich - a remote-controlled exact copy of an America's cup yacht 1 / 15th the size of a normal vessel.’
      • ‘So this is the zillionaire luxury yacht lifestyle.’
      • ‘Its colossal doors and cathedral-like interiors admitted great steam yachts of the period, with tall masts and rigging standing.’
      • ‘Sailing is particularly popular around the reef and the Whitsunday Islands, and there are many live-aboard boats and charter yachts.’
      • ‘She was a beautiful old steam yacht belonging originally to the Guinness family.’
      • ‘The crew made a distress call after their 47 foot yacht started dragging its anchor and was in danger of going ashore onto the rocks.’
      • ‘Piëch has already rewarded himself by buying a 102-foot yacht to sail around the world with his family.’
      • ‘You can, of course, charter sail or power yachts in the Bahamas, but the real kick is arriving in your own small vessel.’
      • ‘On specially designated weekends and bank holidays the SY Carolla, the oldest sea-going steam yacht, visits the museum.’
      • ‘This sailing yacht ferries divers, snorkellers and day-trippers to the Coral Island, 10 miles south of Eilat, in Egyptian waters.’
      • ‘You may recall I told you about Lil who quit his job here to start a charter yacht business.’
      • ‘My husband is in the process of sailing a 42 foot yacht up to Scotland from down south, so the summer will be spent on the west coast.’
      • ‘A week on board the Lady Christine, a 185-foot yacht, cruising the coast of Thailand.’
      • ‘Up from Kirkhaven harbour, scattered along the shore, are the remains of the steam yacht, Island.’
      boat, sailing boat, ship, craft, watercraft
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  • Race or cruise in a yacht.

    • ‘Since 1924, Gleneagles has been part of a triumvirate of attractions that started with yachting in Cowes, continued with polo in Deauville and ended with grouse shooting and golf in Perthshire.’
    • ‘Natalie Wood drowned in 1981 while yachting off Catalina with husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken and for a while there were rumors of foul play.’
    • ‘And the Kaiser was unwise to sneer that his uncle Edward VII went yachting with Thomas Lipton, the purveyor of bacon and tea to the urban consumer.’
    • ‘George was well-known and respected in Rosses Point for his contribution to and interest in golfing, yachting and boating over many years.’
    • ‘We found a woman who took part in ballooning, yachting.’
    • ‘They are sky diving, yachting, rock climbing and mountain biking.’
    • ‘And, if a 527 was making the ad, they might use a montage of pictures of Kerry touring NASA in a space suit, or windsurfing, or yachting.’
    • ‘Implementation of such steps will leave ministers the leisure time to go yachting with a clear conscience, and not worry about any photographs which could damage their images.’
    • ‘He'd spent the past 20 years yachting around the world.’
    • ‘‘At this time of year in Finland the sun goes up for about two hours a day and I would go ice yachting,’ Ingvall told the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday.’
    • ‘Up to now the handsome Prince Rainier has preferred big-game hunting, yachting, car racing and diving into underwater caverns off the south of France, to seeking a wife.’
    • ‘Yesterday I went yachting in the Hakodate harbour.’
    • ‘If the theatre bug hadn't got into her, she would probably have been a sailor, so passionate was she about yachting.’
    • ‘But yachting also gets into your blood, as Ron Sims discovered.’
    • ‘There will also be an auction of promises featuring goodies such as a week's break in a house in France, a day's yachting for five people and a day on the gallops plus lunch.’
    • ‘Over the last two years, the PC Classic has developed into a race of such proportions that it has become a showcase event for yachting on the Eastern Seaboard.’
    • ‘There is also yachting, which is what I'm doing, and here things are much gentler.’
    • ‘Explore the picturesque beauty of the sand beaches of St. John, the beauty of the sea caves around Virgin Gorda try your hand at yachting at St. Martin.’
    • ‘General manager of Rodney Bay Marina, Cuthbert Didier, is the leading vocal advocate when it comes to yachting in St Lucia.’
    • ‘The attack did not dampen his enthusiasm for yachting.’
    • ‘The only place Olga felt free was when the family yachted over to Fredensborg Palace in Denmark.’
    • ‘Alternatively, if you have no experience whatsoever with yachting then you can take an entire crew and spend your vacation safe in the knowledge that your boat and your vacation are in safe hands.’
    • ‘As the central figure is the diminutive yachtsman Peter Cummins, I felt it would be interesting to see just how much yachting he had done, where and with whom.’
    • ‘In Bird of Paradise, McCrea plays Johnny, a happy-go-lucky guy out yachting with his friends in the South Seas.’
    • ‘Czech immigrant and British media tycoon Robert Maxwell drowned alone at night while yachting off the Canary Islands in November 1991.’
    boat, go sailing
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Mid 16th century: from early modern Dutch jaghte, from jaghtschip ‘fast pirate ship’, from jag(h)t ‘hunting’ + schip ‘ship’.