Definition of Xerox in US English:


nounPlural Xeroxes

  • 1A xerographic copying process.

    ‘printing methods include acrylic printing and color Xerox’
    • ‘Not the latest Gucci shoes or Louis Vuitton handbags, but instead goods affixed with Trash's art through processes of silkscreen, Xerox transfer, etching or relief.’
    • ‘The minute an original DVD hits the stands, multiple VCD copies are duplicated overnight and distributed all over Chennai with colour Xerox inlay covers and photo-manipulated graphics.’
    • ‘On the ground, LynxOS is also used on HP LaserJet printers and Xerox copiers.’
    • ‘The company employs 250 technicians to repair Xerox photocopiers and other equipment in offices in Melbourne and Sydney.’
    • ‘Jack had Xerox copies of many of his stories in the pencil phase, and the TwoMorrows company is now engaged in a most worthwhile project, which is to preserve and restore those Xeroxes.’
    1. 1.1 A copy made using a xerographic process.
      • ‘The Wichita Art Museum hands out Xeroxes of visitor viewpoints.’
      • ‘I drew this cover, and my mom and I went and made color Xeroxes.’
      • ‘It makes the images look rough, imperfect, like color Xeroxes, but larger.’
      • ‘She'd stopped shaking too… until I handed her Xeroxes of the front page story and Juli Farrell's photo.’
      • ‘Apparently, it has made a big stir within the company, with Xerox copies proliferating everywhere.’
      • ‘On it is a Xerox transfer of the image of a Buddhist monk, a drawing of cartoonlike body parts and a screen-covered landscape.’
      • ‘To me, they are the audio equivalent of early xerox copies or mid-eighties computer animation.’
      • ‘She spends a long paragraph patiently explaining, as though to a first-year student at Columbia J-School, that it's perfectly acceptable to use Xeroxes in a news story.’
      • ‘In brief, India would be a Xerox copy of Gujarat, India would be co-opted as part of Gujarat.’
      • ‘C'mon, while you sort out Xerox copies tell me what happened.’
      • ‘Teachers treasure dog-eared, third generation xerox copies of a manuscript that took ten years to reach publication.’
      • ‘As briefed, I was the only one with a chart for the IR - 301, and we ended up making Xerox copies of it for the pilot and the lone backseater.’
      • ‘He took several shots quite rapidly, just seconds apart, and turned the images into Xeroxes, which he stapled together into pamphlets, to be mailed to friends.’
      • ‘And what happens when the industry is flooded with cheap fly by night Cloning Clinics producing substandard clones, like Xeroxes without any toner?’
      • ‘On the window of the office was an 11 x 17 inch xerox copy (shrunk to a tenth of the actual size) showing the location of every plot.’
      • ‘I seek leave to table a Xerox copy of the booklet Radiation Emergency in the Port of Southampton: What to do if you live nearby.’
      • ‘And if the applicant was also seeking a scholarship, it was another thick form with more letters and income tax xerox copies to check.’
      • ‘And we make them out of proper names Reganomics, netiquette, Xerox copy.’
      • ‘This is several hundred bucks short of what an unsigned Xerox copy of just the bible sold for so maybe there's a terrific bargain to be had.’
      • ‘Brian Alcas asked his sister while holding xeroxed copies of the witness report and the crime scene report.’
      • ‘More importantly, it is reproduced from Xeroxes of Jack's original pencil art, not from the version that was lettered and inked by others, thereby giving you Kirby in its purest form.’
      • ‘In Moravia, comedy often takes the form of characters perceiving that their minds are filled with the spoofs of ideas, the Xeroxes of originality.’
      • ‘He's not a bad actor, though he seems to have all the charisma of a Xerox copy of you (and Keanu, while I really like you, I can't say that you're the most personable guy on the planet).’
      • ‘I have seen Xerox copies, most cut and paste from other sources.’
      photocopy, copy, carbon copy, duplicate, replica, reproduction, reprint, facsimile, mimeograph, mimeo
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    2. 1.2 A machine for copying by xerography.
      • ‘The early Xerox machines had a nasty tendency to catch fire.’
      • ‘I didn't know that Xerox machines could also staple.’
      • ‘A friend and colleague at the university has been passing around a poster that he made on a Xerox machine.’
      • ‘By day she works as an office temp running a Xerox machine in the TD Centre.’
      • ‘A fanzine is basically a homemade cut-and-paste mag duplicated on a Xerox machine.’
      • ‘The inexpensive copiers couldn't do nearly as much as the big Xerox machines of the time, but they made desktop copying available to small businesses that couldn't afford a Xerox.’
      • ‘Kroto and Smalley made their own models, and then, using a Xerox machine, enlarged Polaroid images of those models and traced their outlines.’
      • ‘Photoreceptors are a key component in Xerox machines, and the technology for making photoreceptors is evolving around polymer electronics, instead of semiconductors such as silicon.’
      • ‘These watermelon stickers are printed from a photo of a real seedless watermelon and are printed on a Xerox 6060 digital color press.’
      • ‘However, the IAF is not going to turn away a Chinese speaker who traveled 5000 kilometers to the conference just because he has no access to a Xerox machine in his home country and only speaks Mandarin.’
      • ‘Prestige Business has become the number one dealer of Xerox copy machines.’
      • ‘The 1970s brought video cassettes and, when the price of Xerox machines went down, greater use of photocopied handouts.’
      • ‘No self-respecting physicist goes to an actual library any more, much less uses a Xerox machine.’
      • ‘Using a combination of paper, toner, and special software, Xerox printers can embed any desired image - a picture, fingerprint, or signature, say - onto a glossy paper surface.’
      • ‘Anybody who has access to a Xerox machine, a Super - 8 camera, which you can get at flea markets, can participate.’
      • ‘Where would we be if it was demonstrated that gay studies graduates can't make change or operate a Xerox machine?’
      • ‘But employers have to grant employees some trust degree of trust, otherwise we may as well remove all Xerox machines from the premises, too.’
      • ‘The PSR - Physicians for Social Responsibility - donated us a Xerox, a fax and a computer.’
      • ‘The software for control described here has been deployed in Xerox high-end printers for the last five years.’
      • ‘J. Edgar Hoover was a champion at that, long before the information age or computers or Xeroxes or even electric typewriters, this is a man who had all the information.’
      • ‘Harmony asked Tasty Muffin, who was standing beside the ten-year-old Xerox copy machine.’
      • ‘Say I install a Xerox machine in the library and I put a note on the front door of my home saying the door's open, come on in, anything you like in my library you can copy it, then just put it back.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, Xerox machines were not for him, and he moved on, joining a start-up business - backed by Warner and American Express - that was launching a music channel called MTV.’
      • ‘In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s a handful of companies exerted ironclad control over the movie, radio and record businesses; Xeroxes and tape recorders were nonexistent.’
      • ‘Deliberately eschewing the slick presentation and commercial values of much contemporary art, he demonstrates what can be done with a Xerox machine and a low-budget print shop.’
      • ‘In the days before xerox machines, a carbon copy was the best way of replicating a piece of writing.’
      • ‘Thousands of sheets of white, letter-size paper carpeted the gallery floor, as though deposited by an exploding Xerox machine.’
      • ‘Desktop-published words with black & white photos reproduced on a Xerox with a halftone screen.’
      • ‘And maybe they also found an ancient Xerox machine in that shed, all splintery wood and rusted iron gears, and used it to run off the ghostly, barely-there text in their one sheet.’

verbxeroxing, xeroxed, xeroxes

  • with object Copy (a document) using a xerographic process.

    • ‘But before xeroxing the format to Survivor or Big Brother, shouldn't our production houses look at creatively capturing the Indian milieu?’
    • ‘‘What were you thinking? ‘she said, handing me back my F. She had handwritten and xeroxed the poem on the test.’’
    • ‘I xeroxed the icons out of Print magazine and carefully reduced the size for better magnetization - but unfortunately my glue destroys toner.’
    • ‘So we kissed him goodbye, took off, and Mr. B. dropped me off at school… where I quickly re-read the essay I'd assigned the grad students, xeroxed their syllabi, and taught my first ever grad course!’
    • ‘It's certainly possible that the difference between these two memos is little more than the difference between xeroxing it or slapping another date at the top.’
    • ‘I see no point in the document being tabled so that it can be xeroxed so that other members can have it and the Minister can have it back, if then the deputy leader of National is going to sit there reading it.’
    • ‘On these occasions, the article has to be xeroxed and laid out on the desk for him.’
    • ‘What if someone xeroxed your book and was handing it out for free on street corners?’
    • ‘Well, we started it in the Fall of 1988, we just got xeroxed contracts of all their territories that were sold through Alexander Beck Enterprises for ‘Deadbeat at Dawn.’’
    • ‘People were xeroxing their notes from trips, and you could find them in cafés in Tel Aviv or on university bulletin boards.’
    • ‘As she Xeroxes another copy, she chastises herself for thinking such silly thoughts for nothing of the sort could happen to her.’
    • ‘Bakshi's who wrote the book will be choked with tears when they learn that someone is actually xeroxing their tripe, an honour usually reserved for foreign authors only.’
    • ‘We cut paper up into strips and squares, annoyed the guy at the copy shop, xeroxed the puzzle a few times and agonized over it for the better part of a night, finally getting the picture figured out around 8 am.’
    • ‘So don't just xerox every page and try to perfectly replicate every single example.’
    • ‘She would have xeroxed articles and photographs, marking particular paragraphs and details.’
    • ‘She gave me a folder stuffed with pamphlets and xeroxed copies of newspaper and magazine articles, along with the card belonging to the geneticist.’
    • ‘True, the set's opener, ‘Urban Serenade’, does have Air's distinctive chilled science stamped firmly upon it, but little else here comes close to xeroxing their ‘sound’.’
    • ‘When our 17-member group checked in to the Hotel Lisboa, our passports were xeroxed as a precaution the government has adopted against gambling with public money.’
    • ‘Like the many people who xeroxed their body parts for fun, or used a copy machine for art, Matson discovered that the scanning eye stick was far better at depth that was assumed.’
    • ‘In fact, they just xeroxed an invitation from another country and sent it to us without an addressee.’
    photocopy, copy, duplicate, replicate, make a replica of, make a facsimile of, reproduce, photostat, mimeograph, mimeo, print, run off
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1950s: an invented name, based on xerography.