Definition of xeriscape in US English:



  • 1A style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions.

    1. 1.1 A garden or landscape requiring little or no irrigation.
      • ‘Hardy enough to grow in nearly all Sunset climate zones, Virginia creeper will thrive in either full sun or filtered shade, and its low water requirement makes it a natural choice for xeriscapes.’
      • ‘This plant needs full sun to perform its best and does extremely well in a xeriscape situation.’
      • ‘Teresa Watkins, University of Florida's Florida Yards & Neighborhoods' multi-county program coordinator, recognized as a leader on xeriscape principles in ‘environmentally-friendly ‘landscapes.’’
      • ‘Following are a few examples of plants that are appropriate for xeriscape gardens.’
      • ‘Carlo Morelli is a contributor to, where you can read tips about landscaping during times of drought and xeriscape landscaping.’
      • ‘I've been worried about watering the yard, hence the thinking with the xeriscape water conserving native plants.’
      • ‘To conserve moisture or develop a xeriscape, a landscape requiring little water, it is essential to have soil with good water retention.’


[with object]US
  • Landscape (an area) in a style which requires little or no irrigation.

    • ‘The main thing is to make sure that folks use xeriscaping, desert landscaping.’
    • ‘Rubin also discounts the misconception that low-water-use landscaping, or xeriscaping, resembles a desert.’
    • ‘By following these seven basic principles when xeriscaping your lawn and garden, you can create a lush, colourful and unique garden.’
    • ‘These plants were mostly destined for xeriscaping in Arizona.’
    • ‘Environmentally sensitive landscaping in arid zones - xeriscaping - advocates the use of cacti and succulents to conserve scarce water resources.’
    • ‘Other clandestine elements include gutters as a rainwater collection system, peel-and-stick solar panels, geothermal heat, a water-evaporation cooling system, and water-wise landscaping known as xeriscaping.’
    • ‘The Archdiocese of Santa Fe has proposed the cemetery of the future, xeriscaped and designed by Santa Fe's Catholics.’
    • ‘Consider xeriscaping, using drought-tolerant perennials like sedums, penstemons and yucca to achieve a desert look with a desert like need for watering; not much.’
    • ‘The Southern Nevada Water Authority also pays homeowners to replace existing lawns with xeriscaping and supplies plans for those low-water gardens.’
    • ‘Recently, xeriscaping has been spreading roots to other areas of the country where homeowners are finding the ease of a low maintenance garden appealing.’
    • ‘Without exception these face the walkways - their front doors and porches open to the walkways, walls are lower in front, and front yards host xeriscaping that integrates seamlessly with the native vegetation of the pedestrian paths.’


1980s: from xeric + -scape.