Definition of xenia in English:



  • The influence or effect of pollen on the endosperm or embryo, resulting in hybrid characteristics in form, color, etc., of the derived seed.

    • ‘Pollen also potentially influences oil content by means of xenia.’
    • ‘Taking full advantage of the glut, the flower-like polyps of xenia soft corals pulsated as they fed on the zooplankton delivered by the currents.’
    • ‘This phenomenon of pollen affecting fruit characteristics has been known as xenia.’
    • ‘Xenia describes any immediate effect a pollen grain has on the germ or endosperm of seed plants.’
    • ‘Xenia is the effect of pollen on the development and characteristics of the fruits.’

Definition of Xenia in English:


proper noun

  • A commercial and industrial city in southwestern Ohio; population 27,357 (est. 2008)