Definition of Wyandot in US English:


(also Wyandotte)


  • 1A member of a North American people belonging to the Huron nation and originally of Ontario, now living mainly in Oklahoma and Quebec.

    • ‘This was the established marriage rule which the whole household of the Wyandots was bound to observe.’
    • ‘While camped along the Missouri River, illness went through the camp and 50 to 100 of the Wyandots died.’
    • ‘The chiefs and clan mothers of the Wyandot from Kansas, the Huron Wendat of Wendake, Que., and the Wendats from Michigan, joined the Wyandottes of Oklahoma for a ceremonial canoe trip down the Wye River.’
    • ‘Among the tribes represented were Delawares, Iroquois, Wyandots, Miamis, Ottawas, Pottawattamies, Creeks, Sac and Fox, Choctaw.’
    • ‘The Wyandots were removed to Kansas, and twenty years later they were forced to go to Oklahoma.’
    • ‘An attack on an outlying settlement in January 1791 had prompted more than four years of conflict with the local Delawares and Wyandots.’
    • ‘The Wyandottes, a tribe in northeast Oklahoma hamstrung by the state's no-casino laws, persuaded the BIA to accept land on its behalf in Kansas, where it plans to open a casino soon.’
    • ‘The Wyandots were animists who believed spirits were present in just about everything, animate or inanimate.’
    • ‘One of the schools built by the Wyandots was possibly located on Matthew Mudeater's farm.’
    • ‘Williams is an American who is attempting to convince the Wyandots that the Treaty of Swan Creek was fraudulent.’
    • ‘Following the Battle of Fallen Timbers, Tarh é's Wyandots became firm American allies.’
    • ‘For decades the Wyandots fought the white man fiercely in the area in which Wyandot Service Plaza is now located.’
    • ‘Finally the British General in Fort Detroit ordered the Wyandots to remove the believers to far northern Ohio.’
    • ‘The Wyandots believed in a complex world of spirits and paid close attention to individuals' dreams.’
    • ‘The Wyandots, living in the Upper Sandusky area, once owned all of the land in the northern half of Ohio.’
    • ‘Especially were the Ohio tribes solicited and secured; the Shawanees, the Miamis, the Wyandots and the Delawares.’
  • 2The Iroquoian language of the Wyandot.

    • ‘This is a modern reprint of John Johnston's 1820 vocabulary of Wyandot (Huron), an unfortunately extinct Iroquoian Indian language.’
    • ‘These clan names are all expressed in Wyandot, words so long and hard to properly pronounce that they are omitted here.’
  • 3usually WyandotteA domestic chicken of a medium-sized breed.

    • ‘The Plymouth Rock was developed from Cochin, Dorking, and Malay stock; the Wyandotte, a utility bird, had Cochin, Hamburgh, and Sebright bantam genes.’
    • ‘In September 1945, and a five half month old Wyandotte rooster was pecking through the dust of Fruita, Colorado when its owner decided to prepare him for the pot.’
    • ‘Six laying hefts follow her everywhere - two each of the Buff Orpington, Silver-laced Wyandotte and White Leghorn breeds.’


  • Relating to the Wyandot people or their language.

    • ‘If you need to know a Wyandot word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our Indian translations fundraiser, buy a Wyandot dictionary, or visit our main Wyandot language site for more free resources.’
    • ‘The Wyandot language has no native speakers today, so these vocabulary words come from early 19th-century sources and their pronunciation is uncertain.’


Mid 18th century: from French Ouendat, from Huron Wendat.