Definition of write the book in US English:

write the book


  • Used in reference to particular expertise or proficiency in a subject, area of activity, etc.

    ‘they actually care about the product they are making and they wrote the book on customer service’
    ‘he pretty much writes the book on how to be perfect in the media’
    • ‘California wrote the book on approachability.’
    • ‘Here were two football powers who wrote the book on heroics and football legends, rewriting it in a game and on a stage like this.’
    • ‘He's the man who wrote the book on duplicity.’
    • ‘I know how the whole ‘need-to-know’ system works: in fact I wrote the book on it!’
    • ‘Clooney plays Miles Massey, a hotshot divorce attorney who wrote the book on prenuptial agreements.’
    • ‘I could write the book on rehab.’
    • ‘They could write the book on luxury, whether it's stays in country houses on the shores of magical lochs or voyages through the Outer Hebrides.’
    • ‘The way she goes on, you'd think she wrote the book on fidelity.’
    • ‘The only thing Robert is willing to reveal about the special guest mentor is that they could "write the book on vulnerability."’