Definition of write something up in US English:

write something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Write a full or formal account of something.

    ‘I was too tired to write up my notes’
    • ‘But many others come from very intelligent people who have a lot of good ideas but don't quite know enough about how science works to connect them to real science, to research and write them up properly, and to get them tested and evaluated.’
    • ‘The police reports to Crown counsel recommending charges were written up that night and the two individuals were held in custody for court.’
    • ‘If you see a major or even minor local event, write it up and send your account, along with any pictures you capture on your mobile phone or digital camera.’
    • ‘The journalist in The Chronicle wrote them up today and reported on inconsistency over several visits.’
    • ‘Once that report has been written up it will be available to everybody.’
    • ‘Stacey also argues that, when the research is written up, it is the feminist ethnographer's interpretations and judgements that come through and that have authority.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this plan backfired and a description of this implement was written up and published!’
    • ‘The results of the initial round of interviews were written up with detailed descriptions of the cases.’
    • ‘To avoid this, owners need to take notes at each meeting, write them up, and e-mail them to the builder and architect.’
    • ‘A reporter who first comes up with an investigative story idea, writes it up and submits it to the editor and is told the story is not going to run.’
    1. 1.1 Make entries to bring a diary or similar record up to date.
      ‘he wrote up a work journal which has never been published’
      • ‘And what I did was collect the stories during the daytime and I wrote them up on the lap-top in the evening.’
      • ‘Field notes from home visits were written up after leaving the site.’
      • ‘Both observers took notes to remind them of key events and used an observation grid to write these notes up in more detail later.’
      • ‘His recollections were written up in a diary which has been kept by his daughter Mary.’
      • ‘We have to keep on writing notes up every time National changes its leadership, and I do not think we want to do it anymore.’
  • 2Increase the nominal value of stock or goods.

    • ‘The company paid more than book value and wrote up the value of the assets in these transactions.’
    • ‘You don't have to issue a quarterly balance sheet and you never "wrote up" the value of your asset in the first place.’
    • ‘At a pen's stroke he wrote up the value of the patent to a flat $1000000.’