Definition of write something off in English:

write something off

phrasal verb

  • 1write someone/something offDismiss someone or something as insignificant.

    ‘the boy had been written off as a nonachiever’
    • ‘Some people have been writing us off, but we just have to believe in ourselves.’
    • ‘We looked more confident today and I think sometimes it is easier to play confidently when everyone is writing you off.’
    • ‘I'm proud because I don't think I was encouraged, and a lot of people wrote me off.’
    • ‘The critics have been writing me off for 20 years.’
    • ‘The football world wrote us off as another lower league casualty, but we did not give up.’
    • ‘But the boys were up for it, mainly because we had been written off and it was the last chance to win anything.’
    • ‘The boxing world wrote him off as another beautiful loser; then he met and married Teresa and made a comeback.’
    • ‘No-one gave us a chance and when we were five points down at half-time everyone wrote us off but the team went out in the second half and won by five.’
    • ‘People wrote him off, and yet he refused to leave the storyline.’
    • ‘We know everyone is writing us off but we haven't got a clue why and we just want to go out and prove people wrong.’
    disregard, regard as finished, consider unimportant, dismiss, ignore
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  • 2Cancel the record of a bad debt; acknowledge the loss of or failure to recover an asset.

    ‘he urged the banks to write off debt owed by poorer countries’
    • ‘Marine projects were written off as total losses.’
    • ‘What percentage of investments will be written off over the coming months?’
    • ‘Some debts are written off, although creditors are reluctant to do so.’
    • ‘He tells clients to avoid other debt like credit card or revolving debt and instead use their home equity line of credit, because the interest expense can be written off in most cases.’
    • ‘Three years later the entire investment was written off as a loss.’
    • ‘Half the cost of each apartment can be written off against income by owner-occupiers.’
    • ‘The capital cost of certain premises can be written off against the purchaser's income over a number of years.’
    • ‘Rather than report it as fraud, they simply write it off as a bad debt.’
    • ‘The essential problem is that as fast as bad debts are written off new ones are created by the deflationary contraction in the economy.’
    • ‘Tax receipts are down, as assets have been written off, so less money is coming into the Treasury coffers.’
    forget about, disregard, give up on, give up for lost, cancel, annul, nullify, wipe out, cross out, score out
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