Definition of write-up in English:



  • 1A full written account.

    • ‘This great little write-up repeats the safety advice I give my beginning skating students week after week.’
    • ‘Study write-ups on product offerings from different manufacturers.’
    • ‘I'll do a full write-up later this week but so far it's really amazing stuff.’
    • ‘I'll be blogging the event, with a full write-up next week.’
    • ‘In the last year, a poster session was instituted in lieu of the comprehensive 20-page write-up, though the executive summary report was still required.’
    • ‘There is no catalogue of this exhibition, but an excellent and now out-of-print book (from which much of this write-up is drawn) is available through the Internet.’
    • ‘You can call this review a ‘preaching to the choir’ style of write-up.’
    • ‘The procedure write-up must include each of the listed variables and describe in detail how it is to be done.’
    • ‘Send samples of your product to golf magazines, websites and golf journalists, together with photographs and a write-up of the product.’
    • ‘I had a gas company mail me a postcard offer with an image and write-up about the car I had just purchased.’
    • ‘More often than not, they're dazzled by optimistic write-ups about the ‘enormous potential’ of the company's business and its share price.’
    • ‘The write-up should describe the event and how much money was raised.’
    • ‘The official write-up from the research answered the question.’
    • ‘Many thanks to the contributors for their excellent write-ups!’
    • ‘This deserves a more complete write-up, but I'm a bit distracted by the war coverage.’
    • ‘Detailed information on the companies includes a short write-up on them, their addresses, details of their development initiatives and names of the contact person.’
    • ‘But when we get a write-up, it sets us on an even more frenzied approach to make sure that we are completely on top of it.’
    • ‘Following this session, each student prepared a typed one-page write-up on the faculty type that was assigned to their team and how the team had answered the questions provided.’
    • ‘Suddenly, our customers were no longer statistics on a page or a clever write-up by an ad agency.’
    • ‘More pictures are here (courtesy of Mish), and full write-ups of the evening are here and here.’
    1. 1.1 A newspaper or magazine article giving the author's opinion of a recent event, performance, or product.
  • 2Finance
    An increase in the estimated or nominal value of an asset.

    • ‘The dispute centered on the treatment, for regulatory purposes, of the difference between the historical cost and the higher market value (write-up) of the assets of Le Téléphone Bon-Conseil Inc.’
    • ‘By letter dated 14 February 1997, the Commission noted that finalization of the CATs for Guèvremont from 1995 onward would be directly affected by the regulatory treatment of the asset write-up.’



/ˈraɪd ˌəp//ˈrīd ˌəp/