Definition of wristguard in US English:



  • A band of leather or similar material worn around the wrist for support and protection, especially for athletic activities such as archery and fencing.

    • ‘Those nifty wristguards are probably a good idea for skating and training, but for all practical purposes it is impossible to hold a hockey stick with them.’
    • ‘Once you get more proficient and are a lot less likely to fall, you might start to eschew wristguards (I skate with only bike gloves on most of the time, so that it's easier to grab my water bottle, etc.).’
    • ‘Hanako's is a green sleeveless blouse with red trimming which exposes her arms, which however are armed with wristguards, the skirt is short, but she wears tall boots with what appears to be bamboo armor, as well as a solid jade breastplate.’
    • ‘At his knees were another sandstone wristguard, a third copper knife, a shale belt ring and two gold ‘earrings'.’
    • ‘It contains 100 objects including three copper knives, 16 flint arrow heads, wristguards, five pots and two gold hair ornaments - making it the richest Early Bronze Age find ever in Britain.’