Definition of wreckage in English:



  • The remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed.

    ‘firemen had to cut him free from the wreckage of the car’
    • ‘The missiles turned the car into a burning ball of wreckage and hundreds of residents rushed to the scene.’
    • ‘The car was catapulted into the air and the mangled wreckage came down in long grass at the side of the track.’
    • ‘The wreckage of the vessel was found last week on the seabed over 130 feet below the waves.’
    • ‘The police and the fire departments rushed to the scene but they could not find any helicopter wreckage.’
    • ‘She raced out of the ship, tripping and falling over pieces of wreckage.’
    • ‘The gullies are littered with wreckage from vessels that have had their bellies ripped out by the pinnacle tops.’
    • ‘A farmer today told how he fought to free two people from the wreckage of their car after a dramatic crash on a remote country lane.’
    • ‘Fire crews worked with paramedics to cut the two men from the mangled wreckage of the car.’
    • ‘The motorway was closed as rescuers battled to free casualties from the twisted wreckage of the coach.’
    • ‘What appeared to be wreckage from the car was stuck in a water fountain and in trees.’
    • ‘Six people remained trapped in the wreckage after the crash and it took almost five hours to free them all.’
    • ‘The wreckage of a light aircraft was strewn over the boggy and uneven ground at one end of a long, deep furrow.’
    • ‘The black and twisted wreckage of at least a dozen vehicles lies in the bus station.’
    • ‘This piece of wreckage has been identified as a part of the front of the aircraft, extending to the right wing.’
    • ‘Some vessels were so badly damaged that their wreckage became hard to identify.’
    • ‘Tests are being carried out on wreckage in order to determine what type of missiles they were.’
    • ‘Witnesses said the wreckage of a Mercedes car lay in the road, its glass shattered.’
    • ‘Smoke billowed from the wreckage of the white car, and ambulances rushed to the scene.’
    • ‘The debris from the mangled wreckage was spewed over a short stretch of road.’
    • ‘A number of motorists mounted rescue bids to free people trapped in the wreckage of the crashed cars.’
    wreck, debris, detritus, remainder
    hulk, shell, skeleton, hull, frame
    ruins, remains, remnants, relics, fragments, pieces
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