Definition of wrapper application in US English:

wrapper application


  • A computer program that works only with another fully developed program, which it enhances in some way.

    ‘we have created a viewer that is a simple wrapper application for the underlying multimedia system’
    • ‘The wrapper application had many changes to support instance variable programming style and HTML page tagging for outs.’
    • ‘If you do need to reinstall your program, simply download the program again select the Reinstall button in the wrapper application.’
    • ‘Back in 2002, I talked about graphical wrapper applications that attempt to make Unix command-line tools more accessible to Mac users who prefer to avoid the command-line whenever possible.’
    • ‘It looks like the wrapper application crashed but the engine itself was still running.’
    • ‘The second application, a component based data visualisation application, employs the injection wrapper application to gain support for distributed multiple input devices at run-time.’