Definition of wraparound porch in US English:

wraparound porch


  • A shallow veranda enclosing two or more sides of a house.

    ‘three-story million-dollar houses with wraparound porches perched on pilings’
    • ‘They added a wraparound porch and rearranged the existing interior rooms to create comfortable traffic patterns between the old and new spaces.’
    • ‘We pulled up in front of a huge, beautiful blue house with a wraparound porch and swinging benches and flowers all over the place.’
    • ‘They live in Minneapolis in a rambling Addams Family-style house, complete with turret and wraparound porch - a childhood dream come true, says Gaiman.’
    • ‘This home's corner turret, wraparound porch and ornate detailing make it a prime example of Victorian-style architecture.’
    • ‘Although it was only thirty degrees outside (much too cold in Rachel's opinion), Rachel put out some deck chairs on the wraparound porch just in case people felt like going outside for fresh air.’
    • ‘Characteristics include a large front porch or a wraparound porch, and a steeply pitched, gabled roofline that runs lengthwise.’
    • ‘The article was titled ‘The connoisseur’ and, just below the title, there was a large picture of Trent in his pinstriped Yankees uniform, standing on the wraparound porch of a giant house, holding a glass of red wine.’
    • ‘As part of the exterior renovation, the Schauls removed a tiny front porch and replaced it with a broad, wraparound porch.’
    • ‘We have lived in our home for about eighteen months and I have already had to stain the floor of our wraparound porch twice.’
    • ‘It was Victorian, with a wraparound porch that circled the entire first story.’
    • ‘He pulled the car over to the side of the road and gazed at it, the old Victorian structure with its gables and wraparound porch.’
    • ‘Their charming Minneapolis home is aglow with holiday cheer - its wide, wraparound porch twinkling with lights.’
    • ‘Settled into a private beach on Nantucket Sound, this 14-room Cape Cod inn has a wraparound porch that faces rolling sand dunes and sea tides.’
    • ‘He put the main living spaces - the family room, eat-in kitchen, and a wraparound porch - on the harbor side of the house.’
    • ‘Like most Low Country houses, the wraparound porch is built to catch prevailing breezes.’
    • ‘History and literature fans finally get their reward here, too; they can spend hours wandering back streets lined with glorious old buildings, anything from ornate ‘gingerbread’ houses to tiny wooden cottages with wraparound porches.’
    • ‘It was beach style, with wraparound porches on both levels.’
    • ‘At night, pull in to Victorian inns and feast on fresh seafood, relax in rockers on wraparound porches and enjoy starlight paddles where the phosphorescent sea meets the twinkle of the Milky Way.’
    • ‘The architecture, with its tall gables and wraparound porches, is reminiscent of New England, but the interior finishes - featuring rough-hewn beams and adobe-like tinted plaster walls - are pure American West.’
    • ‘There was a white picket fence around the neat front yard, and the two-story house had a wraparound porch.’