Definition of worldly-minded in US English:



  • Intent on worldly things.

    • ‘It is the worldly-minded who overlook their own major faults but exploit even the minutest shortcoming in the other; such ones often make a mountain out of even a small word spoken by the other.’
    • ‘But the situation is radically altered when the worldly-minded man who is oriented to external factors and has lost his religious beliefs appears en masse, as is the case today.’
    • ‘Similarly, the worldly-minded do not care for anything else except a talk about worldly things.’
    • ‘The uninstructed worldly-minded man sees others dying around him but through intoxication with the pride of life he acts as if he were immortal.’
    • ‘The worldly-minded persons work with the lower or the impure mind.’
    • ‘The first may be called an error of worldly-minded men, the other an error of mistaken religionists.’
    • ‘The one is the sin of the worldly-minded rich man, and the other is the sin of the worldly-minded poor man.’