Definition of world war in English:

world war


  • A war involving many large nations in all different parts of the world. The name is commonly given to the wars of 1914–18 and 1939–45, although only the second of these was truly global.

    • ‘The second world war was a far more menacing conflict with far more dangerous foes.’
    • ‘Well if that's the case, why are we in the middle of a power battle not seen since the second world war.’
    • ‘During the second world war he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was mentioned in despatches.’
    • ‘He was killed in the second world war near Dunkirk when his battalion was overrun.’
    • ‘These grew out of the clinic's contribution to military officer selection in the second world war.’
    • ‘Like the First World War, each world war destroyed what went before, the values, the way of life.’
    • ‘It took the second world war to establish that having blood banks was a good idea.’
    • ‘During the second world war he served in the navy as a ship's psychiatrist.’
    • ‘He spent the rest of the second world war as a medical officer in the prisoner of war camps on the notorious Burma railway.’
    • ‘He joined the Royal Navy when he left school, and during the second world war he served on minesweepers.’
    • ‘She was all set to become an actress when the second world war intervened.’
    • ‘The real miracle though, is that the cathedral survived the allied bombing of the second world war.’
    • ‘As is well known, Turing spent the second world war breaking German military codes.’
    • ‘During the second world war Gordon served in the Royal Army Medical Corps, mainly in Italy.’
    • ‘The second world war interrupted his studies and he was called up into the Royal Air Force as a navigator.’
    • ‘The Green Beret has been the distinctive hallmark of Commando troops since the second world war.’
    • ‘During the second world war he served with the US military and flew with a bomber crew to study stress.’
    • ‘The ensuing national outrage persuaded a reluctant US public to join the second world war.’
    • ‘He served in the army during the second world war and was wounded at Dunkirk.’
    • ‘It was not until after the second world war that relative prosperity began to return.’


world war

/ˈwərld ˈˌwô(ə)r/