Definition of world beat in US English:

world beat


  • Western music incorporating elements of traditional music from any part of the world, especially from developing nations.

    ‘the booming sounds of world beat in the background’
    • ‘Roughly 40 per cent of the show is new material, the music has caught a world beat and the lighting's even more high-tech.’
    • ‘The album was an effort to introduce the world beat genre, as well as an attempt to produce songs with good lyrics - something rarely found in local songs.’
    • ‘Using various incarnations of this vibration-heavy instrument from all parts of the world, Smac has created an album filled with surprises as it explores world beat, jazz and various forms of rock.’
    • ‘If you don't mind the Dutch spoken word and singing, the wild improvisations, screaming vocals, snatches of Spanish Civil War hymns and world beats, this makes an exciting listen.’
    • ‘World music, world beat, or fusion as it's known to some, is fast becoming the language of every country's musical tongue.’
    • ‘Whether it's the electronic influence, unexpected world beats or fairly original lyrics, it should do something for you.’
    • ‘The music used in the performance is quite eclectic in source, but has a world beat, aboriginal feel for the most part.’
    • ‘Full of breathtaking cinematography, internationally flavoured rhythms and dripping with pretentiousness, at times Exils feels more like an extended world beat music video than a feature film.’
    • ‘Alright, notice how this first song, ‘Percussion Discussion,’ draws so heavily from world beat.’
    • ‘Their music is a richly textured tapestry of jazz, folk, world beat, hip hop and pop.’
    • ‘This explains why the line-up included electro-dance acts, hip hoppers, indie rockers, breakbeat stuff, sensitive Euro-techno, inspirational world beat groups and American hardcore bands.’
    • ‘Fraser isn't a ‘conventional’ jazz musician - he draws inspiration from sources as diverse as world beat, classical, Latin and traditional big band jazz.’
    • ‘Sounds range from drum & bass and hip hop, to dancehall and world beat, to '70s rock and trendy underground sounds, to classic funk and R&B.’
    • ‘The International Reggae and World Music Awards continue to honor the best in reggae and world beat music yearly.’
    • ‘On the one hand, he and his players are top-notch, finding moments of melodic brilliance as they hopscotch from folk to funk, world beat to cosmic elevator jazz.’
    • ‘But, what about world beat music, the slippery genre of music that both Hart and Hussein had a huge hand in shaping?’
    • ‘A typical Tri-Continental show features elements of blues, world beat, folk and Celtic music brought together by these three talents who have created a common musical ground that is truly greater than the sum of it's parts.’
    • ‘An eclectic mixture of musicians create a unique fusion of folk, funk and world beats to accompany Sara's socially conscious lyrics.’
    • ‘The second instalment is more consistent but less relevant than the first, featuring generic jazz and world beats.’
    • ‘A 10-track sound collage of ambient world beats and rhythms dominate this second installment that focuses on the ancient traditions of Indian and Pakistani music.’