Definition of world-class in US English:



  • (of a person, thing, or activity) of or among the best in the world.

    ‘a world-class player’
    ‘British science and technology is world class’
    • ‘He has said the goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn, is the only world-class player they have.’
    • ‘Given their tremendous history, Liverpool remain an attraction for world-class players.’
    • ‘Chelsea's biggest difficulty will be having a lot of world-class players who aren't playing.’
    • ‘She rose above segregation and discrimination to become a world-class tennis player’
    • ‘It is only fair to concede that Robinson does not have the sort of world-class player that Woodward had at his disposal.’
    • ‘At the same time we're working on very exciting projects and world-class projects.’
    • ‘He just took strips off world-class players and made them look ordinary.’
    • ‘You have world-class players and are blessed to see cup finals and European competition every season.’
    • ‘In addition to being a world-class wheelchair rugby player, he is also a businessman.’
    • ‘What is important to me is what is happening underneath so we continue to produce world-class players.’
    • ‘It would do the locals the world of good to realise just how hard a world-class player trains.’
    • ‘Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to meet world-class players, play with them and coach them.’
    • ‘He is a vegetarian, a South Indian and a gentleman, and a world-class fast bowler.’
    • ‘He's a world-class player and when you look at our batting line-up, it's already pretty strong.’
    • ‘Do we really want to watch world-class players being made a fool of?’
    • ‘Chess champions from Swindon have been testing their skills against world-class players.’
    • ‘If we are to be a nation let us pay for all the institutions generously and get world-class work in return.’
    • ‘Promotion has brought the end of an era for the teacher who masterminded the success of a world-class school brass band.’
    • ‘These are among key milestones on the way to creating a world-class prosperous region by the end of the decade.’
    • ‘The interest payments would just about pay the price these days of one world-class player.’



/ˈˌwərld ˈˌklæs//ˈˌwərld ˈˌklas/