Definition of workwear in US English:



  • Heavy-duty clothes for physical or manual work.

    • ‘In his series ‘Invisible’, the subjects are united only by their fluorescent orange workwear; the irony being that jackets specifically designed to be highly visible seem to only underline the invisibility of those who wear them.’
    • ‘They began to add high-quality sporting goods to their stock, and workwear was big for a while.’
    • ‘On their driveway, perform a little cat-walk modelling in your best grease-stained, baggy workwear, and see how excited they are about low-slung pants after that!’
    • ‘This is the next stage in comfort after workwear.’
    • ‘Opportunities range from production of technical componentry and plant for wind turbines to the development of infrastructure such as roads and buildings and the purchase of consumables like workwear and lubricants.’
    • ‘Most of those in the younger age groups these days seem to prefer workwear typical of the kind they often see on satellite television.’
    • ‘‘I was particularly proud of that gown because I'm still working on workwear, so it was my first attempt at bridalwear,’ she says.’
    • ‘We divested ourselves of the fetters of daily workwear and suitably wrapped in kimono style robes approached the tub.’