Definition of working drawing in US English:

working drawing


  • A scale drawing which serves as a guide for the construction or manufacture of something such as a building or machine.

    • ‘The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has added nine important wall drawings and structures and 16 working drawings by the conceptual artist Sol LeWitt to its permanent holdings.’
    • ‘Upon issue of the preliminary co-ordination drawings two of our draughtsmen set to work to produce working drawings from the information presented.’
    • ‘For instance, very few working drawings of garden designs survive.’
    • ‘Now he needed an architect to help him turn it into working drawings.’
    • ‘Sitting down and developing a schedule and working drawings for a building project is not nearly as interesting as coming up with a grand vision.’
    • ‘Choose a suitable size and style mantel, or design your own mantel making scaled working drawings (elevations and section views).’
    • ‘The architect prepares working drawings that establish in detail the requirements for the entire project, including electrical and mechanical systems.’
    • ‘This solution can create full working drawings with detailed plans, layouts and CAD details.’
    • ‘It states clearly what I will provide in design services and working drawings and how much each will cost.’
    • ‘I never ceased to marvel at Bill's working drawings for his wonderful houses, usually one A2 sheet of tracing paper with all the plans, sections and elevations, plus a handwritten specification down one side in his decisive italic script.’
    • ‘Meet his delightful characters face to face through original wash drawings, working drawings, puppets, models and a full-scale set.’
    • ‘Perhaps limit the number of client meetings, reduce the amount of working drawings or, if the client is comfortable, remove one's self from construction observation.’
    • ‘It should be pointed out that these are not working drawings but reference drawings retained by Adam's office.’
    • ‘Following joint discussions, the authority should submit to each undertaker details of the final design with working drawings and an outline programme.’
    • ‘However, the women often produced renderings and working drawings for furniture they did not design, and they painted none of the four or five known moon-over-water blue landscape panels.’
    • ‘Many working drawings bear his notes about the exact profile of a molding or specifications for the hardware to be used.’
    • ‘On view will be working drawings and models of the structures at their current stage of development, and documentation of correspondence between team members that will emphasize the collaborative nature of the projects.’
    • ‘Each project is illuminated through photographs (mainly by Julius Shulman, foremost documentarian of the period), sketches and the occasional working drawing.’
    • ‘Believe me we have tried and have spent a lot of money on full working drawings for this building.’
    • ‘They were drawings of the claimant's sister company, the manufacturer of the safes, but they were not the working drawings.’


working drawing

/ˌwərkiNG ˈdroiNG/